Highest Grossing Filipino Films for 2014

Here are the top grossing films for 2014 as of  Nov 12-16, 2014 per Box Office Mojo. Conversion is set at P45 = $1.

No data was added for Past Tense, Star Cinema's late November release. Apart from that, this should be the complete Box-Office numbers for 2014.

  1. Starting Over Again $9,096,712 (P409,352,040)
  2. Bride for Rent $7,348,239 (P330,670,755)
  3. She's Dating the Gangster $5,837,612 (P262,692,540)
  4. Maybe This Time $3,075,008 (P138,375,360)
  5. Da Possessed $2,807,915 (P126,356,175)
  6. Diary ng Panget $2,687,398 (P120,932,910)
  7. Talk Back and You're Dead $1,779,905 (P80,095,725)
  8. The Gifted $1,764,126 (P79,385,670)
  9. Maria, Leonora, Teresa $1,620,491 (P72,922,095)
  10. The Trial $1,259,221 (P56,664,945)
  11. Moron 5.2 $738,711 (P33,241,995)
  12. Trophy Wife $708,010 (P31,860,450)
  13. So It's You $605,209 (P27,234,405)
  14. Beauty in a Bottle $569,802 (P25,641,090)
  15. ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie $384,007 (P17,280,315)
  16. Third  Eye $229,531 (10,328,895)
  17. Dementia $114,940 (P5,172,300)
  18. Somebody to Love $102,648 (P4,619,160)
  19. Overtime $22,995 (P1,034,775)
  20. Manny $13,974 (P6,358,170)
  21. Mumbai Love $10,852 (P488,340)

Meanwhile, here is the box-office ranking for the Philippines this 2014 for both local and Hollywood films:


Nov 12-16, updated the list with Moron 5.2 and the once overlooked Third  Eye which stars Carla Abellana.
Oct 22-26, on its second week, The Trial earned $1,190,148 (P53,556,660). 
For everyone that asked about Dementia, as of October 5, Dementia earned $114,782 (P5,165,190). The film opened on September 24th.
Sep 24-28, Maria Leonora, Teresa which opened on September 17 has so far earned $1,324,490 (P59,602,050).
Sep 3-7, The Gifted which opened on September 4, earned $916,485 (P41,241,825) as of September 7th.
Aug 27-31, Talk Back and You're Dead earns $1,508,688 (P67,890,960). The amount is not phenomenal but it ensured an ABS-CBN deal for its stars who are now being prepped for a TV series.
Aug 6-10, 2014, after almost two weeks in cinemas, Trophy Wife earns a total of $708,010 (P31,860,450).
July 16 - 20, She's Dating the Gangster of Star Cinema opens strong with $2,643,070 (P118,938,150) after only five days in cinemas. The film's earnings jumped to $5,837,612 (P262,692,540) as of August 3rd.
July 9 - 13, suffering from mostly bad reviews, Overtime earns a meager $22,995 (P1,034,775).
June 18 - 22, Maybe This Time caps earning at $3,075,008 (P138,375,360).
June 4-8, Maybe Time claims the 4th spot in the box-office list with $2,702,093 (P121,594,185). The movie, which falls closely behind Star Cinema's Da Possessed, is still showing in cinemas.
May 28-June 1, the Coco Martin-Sarah Geronimo movie - Maybe This Time entered the box-office list with moderate earnings of P74,014,830. This isn't too bad, however, if we consider that it is currently playing in theaters alongside some of Hollywood's summer blockbusters. On June 4th, ABS-CBN reported that the film has breached the 100M mark.
May 14-18, Da Possessed and So It's You both had minor increases in grosses but rankings remain the same.
May 7-11, Star Cinema's Da Possessed claims the 3rd spot from Diary ng Panget. Meanwhile, So It's You that opened on May 7th entered the Box-Office list with $424,613 (P19,107,585).
As of April 30-May 4, Da Possessed is threatening to dethrone Diary ng Panget with P120,169,125. It is currently ranked 4th in our list of Top Grossing Filipino Films for 2014.
April 9-13, Diary ng Panget breached the 100 Million mark, maintains 3rd spot on 2014's box-office list. As of Apr 16-20, not much has changed in the numbers as malls were on holiday during the holy week.
April 2-6, Diary ng Panget debuts strong at $1,366,418 (P61,488,810) after only 4 days in the cinema.
Mar 19-23, the documentary film about the life of Manny Pacquiao enters the chart. The film earns more than the India-shot love story, Mumbai Love.
As of Feb 26-Mar 2, Starting Over Again dethrones Bride for Rent as the biggest blockbuster of 2014 with $7,966,970 (P358,513,650).

There was no official result released for MMFF 2013. Unofficially, Star Cinema's Girl, Boy, Bakla Tomboy was said to earn ₱ 429,147,428 while My Little Bossings earned ₱ 393,000,000.

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  1. Anonymous7/27/2014

    Update na po kayo ng Kinita ng Movies hanggang July 20 pa lang po to eh. Thanks :)

  2. Anonymous8/09/2014

    how about "my illegal wife?"

    1. According to Abs-Cbn News, the film earned at least 55M. No confirmation from boxofficemojo though. For some reason, the film has not been indexed.

  3. bride for rent should be the highest grossing film. So sad it was not shown internationally compared to starting over again and she's dating a gangster. Diary ng Panget, best movie. It should had earned a lot if people watch it on cinema not on youtube. Piracy kills.

    1. As far as I know, the boxofficemojo data is based only on local earnings :)
      Diary has had a pretty impressive run considering that the cast wasn't too popular at the time.

    2. Anonymous8/20/2014

      The book has a huge following. I guess that was a huge factor why it was successful despite the unpopularity of the actors.

    3. Anonymous10/18/2014

      Actually Bride For Rent was shown here in Australia for a couple of weeks prior to movie Starting Over Again. and I read it was also shown in USA.

  4. Anonymous8/20/2014

    Kawawa naman yung "Ovetime" ng GMA Films more than 1 millionl ang kinita. Wala na talagang hatak si Ricahrd Gutierrez considerinig na isa sa malaking kinita ng GMA Films ay ang kanilang movie ni Angel Locsin. Kaya pala tamad gumawa ng movie ang GMA Films now kasi flop yung movies nila.

  5. asa ka pa kay richard...

  6. Anonymous9/03/2014

    update please :)

  7. Anonymous9/19/2014

    Mahina pala ang The Gifted... Kaya pala walang press release on the amount it earned...

    1. The Gifted capped at $1,764,126 (P79,385,670). Just a bit lower than Talk Back and You're Dead.

    2. Anonymous10/05/2014

      ang pangit ng story ng the gifted but compare to talk back and your dead mas ok nmn ang gifted

  8. bakit wala pang update ang box office result ng DEMENTIA NI ATE GUY, ALAM ko kumita siya, paki publish naman pls,. thanks

    1. Anonymous10/04/2014

      Yes, kumita cxa nasaan ang report...mumbai nga 400k lng nandyan na tapos dementia ala pa..imposible..

  9. yong maria leonora theresa ng star cinema na publish na, alam ko mas malaki pa ang kinita ng Dementia, bakit wala pa, siguro ayaw ipa publish ng produccer no, sana naman lumabas kasi excited na kaming makita ang kinita ng Dementia ok thanks

    1. Updated with earnings for Dementia :)

  10. yong MUMBAI P488,000 lang ang kinita nasa listahan na, pero ang Dementia wala pa ,bakit?

    1. Dementia was not included in the latest update of Box-Office mojo.But it came out a week after Maria, Leonora so it may be included in the update next week :)

  11. Anonymous10/05/2014

    diary ng panget hindi ko nga alam kung bakit kumita the movie is a trash napakapangit ng story at walang kwenta ang mga artista hindi nabigyan ng buhay ang story

  12. Box-office is never the gauge for quality :)

  13. Anonymous10/06/2014

    Dapat kc pg may GMA films sa sine dapat suportahan natin ,yung iba kasi masama ang iniisip pg GMA movie ang plabas.sa totoo lng GMA films lng ang nkapasa at nabigyan ng opportunity pra maiplabas ang isng movie nito s U.S. sana mgbago na ang mentalidad ang iba jan ,mali ang mentalidad pg str cinema ang movie ay ora orada na nasinehan na prang uto uto.kahit world class ang GMA films pg mali aang mentalidad ay di prin manood .sana mgbago na tau para balanse

    1. Anonymous11/03/2014

      proven m ksi yun star cinema. record shows tignan mo pa

  14. Anonymous10/14/2014

    How much did the movie of enchong d and erich gonzales once a princess earn? Thanks

  15. Ekstra is the top-grosser @ the Cinemalaya FF. Naipalabas pa commercially and in abroad. Hindi mangangahas na ipalabas iyan sa abroad at hindi magtatagal iyan sa mga sinehan locally kung hindi talaga kumita iyan. Ang resulta rito ay manipulated, considering na IML is among the big hit in 2012.

    1. The source actually has nothing to gain by manipulating results. They do not only show box-0ffice for the PH but other countries as well. Being a fan does not make you right nor an expert.

      The results shown above are for 2014 movies only. There are other posts for 2013, 2012. :)

  16. "Dementia" is the 4th among the series of Nora's film that are considered box-office flop. Imagine P4M Gross? Ano pa ang mahihita ng mga film distributors at mga sinehan diyan?

    1. Anonymous10/21/2014

      hahahhaah naghahanap k ng Ekstrash mo? e wala nga sa mojo report hahhhaha...at FYI...ang dementia meron..meron ,,,report ang Ekstrash mo wala wala walang report...also Hustisya is topgrosser of Cinemalaya X at Kwento ni mabuti top grosser ng Cine Filipino 2013... huag k ngang hangal dahil wala kng alam hahhha...accdg to cinemalaya mas malaki kinita ng Hustisya kysa sa Ekstrash mo..at first time napuno lahat ng screenings nito. ok...ekstrash..

    2. Anonymous10/21/2014

      Palabas pa po ang Dementia sa mga universities for celebrating Halloween e ng ekstrash nasa loob ng Trash can...Sisihin mo star cinema dahil walang gross report ekstrash ng idol mo....hahahahahahahhah

    3. PAANO naging flop gumawa ka nanaman ng kwento hanggang guni guni lang ang magagawa ng mga vilmanians hay naku nakakaawa naman kayo at isa pa paano naging flop ang budget ng indie film maliit lang naman ang budget,at hindi pa tapos ang laban ng Dementia, remember THY WOMB almost 2yrs mg namamayagpag sa buong mundo di man nag Box Office sa MMFF pero sobra sobra na ang kita at dollars pa ang kita all over the world, take note almost 2 yrs ng pinapalabas pa rin at patuloy na kumikita e ang Vilma niyo nangyari ba yan never... ewan nakakapagod mag reply sa mga imbento niyong mga sagot........

  17. In terms of local box-office, I think Vilma's Star Cinema films have always done well. Ekstra is an exception and cannot be taken against the actors as the market for quality indie movies in the PH isn't that big yet. Nora's movies, on the other hand, are always well received by critics.

    As I have always said, box-office is not a gauge for quality so all the fighting based on that alone is pretty shallow. Both women have achieved a lot and are not even competing with each other. Fan wars are so 1979 so let's just enjoy, appreciate their movies, and be glad that two of the best actresses local cinema has produced are still around and making movies.



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