Sarah Geronimo closes 5th SMDC Pyromusical International Competition

The 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition presented by SM Development Corp. (SMDC) lit up the skies over Manila Bay on Saturday, March 22nd. The competition, joined by some of the world’s leading pyrotechnic experts left the crowd in awe at the spectacular display of lights and the sheer magnitude of event that only SMDC can manage to organize.

This year’s winners include: Canada’s Royal Pyrotechnie as grand champion; China’s Liuyang New Year Fireworks as First Runner Up and United Kingdom’s Jubilee Fireworks as Second Runner Up.

Providing a fitting finale to the world-class event is SMDC’s Sarah Geronimo singing this year’s anthem “STAR LIFE.”

“I’m thankful that I am part of the SMDC family,” Sarah says. “I’ve always been passionate about music and it is really my first love. So I’m very lucky that I was chosen to be part of SMDC’s music marketing campaign.” Geronimo is the current endorser of SMDC Properties and plans to have acquire one of SMDC's condominium units near ABS-CBN and at Tagaytay.

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