Nokia releases its first Android powered phone - the Nokia X

Remember when Apple released the supposedly affordable iPhone 5C and it cost over P30,000? Well, here's a phone brand whose definition of "affordable" is more aligned with most people from this planet. 

Nokia, a pioneering partner of Microsoft, did a surprise turn when it announced the production of an Android phone late February this year. Released in the Philippines just a few days ago for only P5,990, the Nokia X runs on a highly modified version of Android - giving them access to millions of apps and games that were previously a concern for people that wanted to switch to Nokia.

Specs-wise, the Nokia X has a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB storage you can augment with a microSD card. The 4-inch screen has a resolution of 480 x 800, and the camera only has 3 megapixels. It is also capable of holding dual SIM cards although I do not know why anyone would want to use that feature.

The Nokia X is reportedly the first of several Android products from Nokia.

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