The Walking Dead Season 4 Returns Feb 10th on FOX

If you haven't seen the first half of the 4th season of The Walking Dead, STOP READING RIGHT NOW AND WATCH THE DAMN THING!

For those that have seen the first half of the season, let's take a collective sigh as we remember good 'ol Hershel and the brutal way that he was killed. In a world plagued by zombies, the series again reminds us that the most fearsome threat of all remains to be those that are alive. Even as we cheer the end of the unparalleled  evil of the Governor, hope seems to be scarce as the survivors are driven away from their sanctuary and are once again left to find a way to survive the merciless world of The Walking Dead.

Make sure to catch the premiere telecast of TWD on FOX this Monday, February 10 at 11:35AM as it airs parallel with the US! Primetime encore airs at 8:55PM.

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