Review: Starting Over Again

Jae's Review:

I don't want to ruin the story so here's the spoiler free summary:

Out of all the Star Cinema movies I have watched, this one is the most in touch with reality. Hopefully the viewing public appreciates that to further encourage film outfits to not just rely on out of this world exaggeration or larger than life scenes when creating formula rom-com movies or even the 'pilit' happy ending moments.

If you loved One More Chance, I will definitely recommend this as this is the closest that I've seen that can actually compare to that movie.

Acting wise, Toni fleshed out her character really well that you get to root for her even if she is trying to win back someone that's already committed. 

Piolo, on the other hand, wasn't consistent. There were times where I could feel the depth of the character he was playing but there were also moments where his acting was just not there.

Iza Calzado was amazing with the part she was given. I just wish they'd given her a bigger role as it felt lacking.

So, should you watch this? That's a no brainer for this Valentine's. There's only a couple of scenes that I didn't like but the overall story arc fortunately overshadows that. This movie is not perfect but it definitely is a step on the right direction when it comes to rom-coms and formula movies.

Rating: 4/5


Dale's Review: 

Star Cinema's latest romance drama has been generating a lot of buzz in social media from the moment that its trailer hit the web. It mostly lives up to the hype and dared to commit to a reality that is seldom treaded by the studio's safer movies.

The entire film was built to make us understand why Piolo and Toni broke up; the information cleverly given as breadcrumbs leading us to relive what they went through just at the right moments. I personally did not buy how Piolo eventually fell in love with Toni's character but if you overlook that part, most of the story was well presented. When Piolo narrated how he did not like Toni initially, we get to see why. Toni consistently delivered an obsessive determination that is both scary and amusing. The character was portrayed so well that you can't help but feel ashamed for her and the things that she does to get what she wants. Piolo, on the other hand, was mostly guarded and was saved only by his overflowing good looks and sex appeal.

As the story revealed layers of history behind the break-up, we start believing as Toni does, that they are meant to have a second chance. We get to believe that they would be able to work on their differences as there was no credible hindrance that was presented. The reality pursued by the film felt lacking at some point as it did not create a whole lot of reason for the audience to root for Iza Calzado. We know her only as the nice, seemingly ideal girl who spoke of words that we long to hear from an understanding girlfriend. Her words felt empty, however, as they did not have any real anchor apart from a few moments over online chat and a story about their meeting in Central Park. So we start investing on Toni and her cause making us an accomplice in breaking up a relationship. In real life, we know things wouldn't always work out the way we hope but in a movie when the general direction seems clear, we start hoping for a happy ending. We start looking at things as Toni does. Even at that moment when it was clear to her that Piolo was going to choose Iza, we hope that he would still pick her. When he doesn't, we feel like we were cheated of an ending that we deserve but in real life, we know that this is how things usually end.

Starting Over Again is one of the rare Star Cinema romance films where the audience were treated as adults that can handle the realities of life. They still couldn't do away with the usual template that has raked in millions for the studio but were at least able to end the relationship in a non-condescending tone. And while the film was limited by the need to create a blockbuster, it was able to slowly move to a more mature path that hopefully becomes  the new route for the studio's next movies.

Rating: 3.25/5
Average Rating: 3.63

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