Flappy Bird creator to "take down" game from app stores

I guess this means that people will finally stop talking about Flappy Bird as the game's creator has just tweeted that he will be taking it down around this time tomorrow. But I think that's a good thing, no it's a GREAT thing considering that all I hear are people cursing at the thing but they still could not put it down!

While it has been reported that the game is earning around $50,000 a day just for making people frustrated, Vietnamese game creator Dong Nguyen, does not seem happy with the sudden success of his game. 

Flappy Bird launched in May but became wildly popular only late last year, generating around 10 million downloads on Android alone. Of course this could still turn out to be a ploy to get you to download the game but damnit it worked on me. As it might turn out to be one of those vintage games that you just can't download anymore (which I doubt, but still!), I gave in and finally downloaded it. I still do not intent to start playing so it's just sitting there in my games folder sorta looking at me weird. >.<

Update: As of Feb 10, 2014, Flappy Bird has officially been taken off the app store. What this means is that if you already have the game, you can play with it all you want but don't expect any updates ever. If you have not downloaded the game, then you are wiser than most of us. :))

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