Songs to watch out for in Wicked the Musical

Wicked-mania has completely swept Manila! Proof of this is its complete invasion of all forms of social media, tickets selling faster than tikoy on Chinese New Year and the crowd of people at CCP that just could not stop talking about the musical even in the restrooms during the break and in the lobby after the show.

For some of us, we made plans and booked our tickets almost as soon as they were available online last year. For those that have not yet booked tickets, however, the show will run until Feb 23 and there are still tickets available online via Ticketworld! Ticket prices are at P1750, P2250, P3500, P4500, P5800, P7000. There are also unconfirmed reports that there is another extension planned until March 2014.

Suffering from a Wicked hangover, I spent the entire morning sick and watching all the Wicked videos I could find. Here are some that you must watch out for in the musical. 

The very... blonde, almost Elle Woods-like Glinda played by Suzie Mathers and Elphaba played by Jenna Rix singing one of the most fun songs in the musical - Popular.

Of course, here's the video of THE DUO that made Wicked the success that it is today - Idina Menzel and Kirstin Chenoweth.

The anthem of Wicked and everyone's favorite - Defying Gravity.

My third... or second most favorite song from the musical (I can't decide between this and Popular lol) - For Good. Linking 2 versions here as well. The crazy fun duo of Suzie Mathers and Jenna Rix who are playing in Manila right now and the classic pair of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.

By the way, Wicked deconstructs the classic tale of The Wizard of Oz and presents if from the point of view of Glinda and Elphaba. The timeline of this story intersects with the time when Dorothy was in Oz so I would really suggest to anyone watching to get acquainted with The Wizard of Oz to appreciate this better.

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