Gadget must-have: Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This new year started quite busy so I haven't updated in a while. Not that I am complaining. More work usually means that I get to de-stress by hawking for stuff online and travelling so I have that to look forward to.

Anyway, I finally got the Logitech keyboard cover for the iPad Air that I posted a few weeks ago and it is so awesome! I gotta say that I never appreciated the iPad as much as when we got this cover. It came as promptly as ever via my-shoppingbox that handles shipping for items that I get using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay.

Now that the keyboard is out of the way, the next item on my shopping list is a BOSE Bluetooth Speaker because really, nowadays, you gotta have a bluetooth speaker! Lol. I am kidding of course. But I saw one at a Bose shop in Trinoma earlier this year and it is one of those things that a gadget junkie just got  to have. 

The speaker is a bit pricey but well worth it. It comes with a charging cradle, can connect to multiple devices and a USB port that allows for software updates to ensure long-term compatibility with newer gadgets.

Locally, it costs P13000 but online it only costs $199 (P8955). Even with shipping costs, this is still a much better deal and I got it via GCASH American Express Virtual Pay that allows me to shop online without an actual credit card and really affordable shipping rates. 

To know more about GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and how to sign up, check out my earlier post by clicking here

Update: Just posting with the in-the-flesh (so to speak) photo of the speaker. Really awesome quality in a really small and portable package! Really worth every (discounted) penny.

Globe GCASH 3142329882550649007

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