Ang Misis ni Meyor to premiere in Philippine cinemas 12/11

Archie del Mundo's sophomore film will finally get a Philippine premiere on December 11, 9PM at SM Megamall B, Cinema 9. The Corruption of Melba (Ang Misis ni Meyor) opened the 2012 FACINE/19  Filipino-American Cine Festival  in San Francisco.

This political-drama stars Filipina international actress, Marife Necesito, who starred opposite Michelle Williams and Gael Gacia Bernal in the 2009 film Mammoth. Also in the cast are Joem Bascon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Angie Ferro, Bong Cabrera, Angelina Kanapi, Johnron Tanada, Julio Diaz and the controversial Marco Morales.


MELBA is the wife of a slain farmer-leader whose murder is attributed to an incumbent governor. She goes to the city to reopen the case and to seek out a new life after the tragedy. 

Working as a staff member at the office of City Councilor Martin Morales, she is introduced to the life inside politics. Eventually she will be deeply involved, as her decision to marry the budding politician lays a carefully planned agenda.

By agreeing to its convenience, she will be married as well to the secrets and lies of dirty politics and the dynasties that protect their power and reach. In the end, her morals will be challenged as she plunges herself to the trappings of her own schemes and retributions. The rotten system that made her suffer for years is now the same tool she uses for her new brand of justice.

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