From Black Friday to Christmas... tis the season to go shopping!

November was pretty tempting for any online shopper. With sale items popping up every hour at least a week leading to Black Friday, it was hard not to go on a shopping spree. But hey, I maintained complete self control! I did my civic duties and I bought myself only the things that I absolutely needed... all five (5) of them (!!!!). 

Okay fine, maybe I should have restrained myself a little bit but I think I got some pretty good deals so no harm done! 

Item: XCOM Collection
Regular Price in stores: One game ranges from P995 to P1100. This online set contains six (6) games!!!
Online Price: $59.99 (P2699.55) $9.99 (P449.55) as part of the Black Friday Sale
Delivery Fee: Not applicable. Item was digitally downloaded.

Item: Black Matte Money Clip
Regular Price in stores: At least P2500
Online Price: $35.43 (P1594.35)
Delivery Fee: $5.81 (P261.45)
Total Savings: P644.20
Black Friday Promo Rebate: P60*

Item: Ray Ban Clubmaster
Regular Price in stores: P6000 - P9000
Online Price: $94.90 (P4270.50)
Delivery Fee: $11.98 (P539.1)
Total Savings: P1190.40
Black Friday Promo Rebate: P132*

Item: (2) Kingston RAM 1G
Regular Price in stores: P2800 (P1400 each - out of stock in PH stores)
Online Price: $42.96 (P1933.20)
Delivery Fee: $5.81 (P261.45)
Total Savings: P605.35
Black Friday Promo Rebate: P60*

Item: Flash Speedlight
Regular Price in stores: P3900
Online Price: $39.95 (P1797.75)
Delivery Fee: $24.74 (P1113.30)
Total Savings: P988.95
Black Friday Promo Rebate: P288*

The good news is Black Friday is just the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Expect more deals online this December and January. 

Of course I was able to shop hassle-free using GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay card. Not only does it enable me to shop in websites that accept only US Credit Cards (meaning none of those cards that are registered to your home address here in the Philippines), it also lets me save on expensive shipping fees by having items delivered to a US delivery address first. Know more about GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay by clicking HERE.

*Remember that Black Friday promo that I posted where you get a P12 rebate for every dollar spent on My Shopping Box from November 25 to December 8? This is savings ON TOP of what I saved by shopping online courtesy of GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay and My Shopping Box! Pretty awesome deals, right? Don't you wish you had a GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay account too? *wink*

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