Anne Curtis-Smith's statement on the "slapping incident" at Privè

Background: In an exclusive article that came out on the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), it was revealed that in the early hours of November 23, Anne Curtis slapped three patrons at Privè. No reason was given as to why this happened, just that Anne supposedly came out of the bathroom fuming mad and started shouting and slapping people including actor John Lloyd Cruz. 

In the article entitled, "Anne Curtis survives embarrassing night out with friends; says sorry and is forgiven, all on the same day," it was also revealed that the incident has been resolved with Anne apologizing to those involved and them saying that everything is forgiven.

Last night, the issue was sensationalized online. I can understand that it would of course be more interesting to give a darker spin on issues to generate readers but on my end, that was simply a case of a drunken mistake which is over and done with, resolved by the people who were directly involved.

It is also interesting to note that people keep quoting what was said in the article that "your basic character shows when you're intoxicated." Personally, I have been in too many inumans to know that this is NOT necessarily true. People act differently based on their tolerance of alcohol and some will come out of a drunken state doing things that they would never do when sober. And to judge based on an moment driven by alcohol is just silly.

But hey, I guess that saying "It's funny how you can do nice things for people all the time, and they never notice. But once you make one mistake, it's never forgotten" applies in this situation. Personally, I would judge the actress based on her efforts to generate help for the country when needed, her voicing out support and her drive to help inform the public about the issues that make a difference for thousands. 

It would take more than one drunken incident to taint that image of Anne in my mind. And no amount of bad press and mob lynching will change that.

READ: Anne Curtis-Smith's statement on the "slapping incident" at Prive that happened on November 23, 2013. 

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