2013: The year in review

2013 has been a pretty awesome year for this blog. As we roundup our 10 most popular posts, we would also want to say thank you dear readers for checking us out and for making us part of your daily online reading habit.

10. Review: The Bluebird of Happiness

One of the more memorable local productions of the year. This irresistible musical tells a relatable tale of two children who went on a quest to find happiness only to discover that they have it with them all along.

9. Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding

The film could have been better but it was able to effectively tug on the Filipino viewers' hearts and well... pockets as it landed as one of 2013's highest grossing films.

8. Online shopping with GCASH American Express Virtual Pay

The complete guide on how to use GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and the million and one benefits of online shopping.

7.  Cinemalaya 2013 Complete List of Entries

A roundup of entries, trailers, synopsis and screening schedule for the country's most reputable film festival.

6. HUGE SALE on Samsung Galaxy S3, Blackberry Bold, iPads and MORE this #GCASHBlackFriday

A list of the best online deals for Black Friday plus shipping discounts when you purchase using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay.

5. Metro Manila Film festival 2013 Complete List of Entries

Complete information on the mainstream entries of the Metro Manila Film festival 2013.

4. Top Grossing Filipino Films of 2013

The most up-to-date roundup of box-office results for local films pre-MMFF. Started in 2012, this list gathers its data from Box Office Mojo and has been referenced by several wikis of local productions.

3. Giordano features clean, casual sea-side glamour for its Spring Summer 2014 Collection

The surprise entry of our list. Who knew there would be so much interest for this feature on Giordano's latest collection as presented in last October's Fashion Week? I guess classic clothes never really go out of style. Living proof of that is the massive traffic that this post got that eclipsed even our Box-Office tally that is linked to several wiki entries.

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Trailer

Our feature on one the most anticipated superhero movies of 2014 made it big at #2. This is linked to our previous articles that include Intagram teasers, alternate storylines, and embedded YouTube videos of Days of the Future Past as shown in Uncanny X-Men.

1. Starbucks whips up Harry Potter's Butterbeer

The post that made Harry Potter fans WORLDWIDE go all warm and fuzzy. That's right! I did say worldwide as our feature was referenced by websites from around the globe.

Of course it all started when Entertainment Weekly mentioned us in this article.

What came next was over a month of pure traffic bliss as websites from all over the US, Europe and even neighboring countries like Japan and Singapore linked back to us. Of course, there were several mentions from local blogs as people brought copies of the recipe that we posted to Starbucks everywhere!

Look! A printed page of our blog with the Butterbeer recipe from ceresvesta.wordpress.com!!!

These days, whichever Starbucks I go to in the Metro, I don't even need to show Baristas the recipe for Butterbeer anymore. And it always makes me smile a little knowing that while this recipe has been floating on the worldwide web for months before we found it, that we had a hand in it becoming a household name so to speak.

So there you have it! Our most popular stories for 2013. Here's hoping to share more interesting and useful articles for the coming year. Stay tuned everyone and have a wonderful new year!!!

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