Filipinos cheer Ariella Arida 'victory' in Miss Universe 2013

The Filipino gay man's version of the Super Bowl, as one friend aptly coined it, recently concluded with the country's representative winning as 3rd runner-up. Airing at 2AM on a Sunday morning in Manila, Filipinos stayed wide awake to catch the online steaming of the competition. Some organized viewing parties, others cut their Saturday night gimiks short to be home in time for the show, and a big chunk went to BED Bar in the Ortigas Greenfield District to watch and cheer in the Metro gay mecca.

Here are some of the audience reactions caught on video as they cheered for Miss Philippines Ariella Arida:

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  1. The answers to this years questions weren't really hitting the spot for me and I didn't really get why Venezuela won with her answer. Anyway, I'm happy that unlike all the other girls in the top5, Arida didn't need an interpreter. I'm proud of her :D



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