Binay is at it again - shameless politicking at a time of disaster

We initially read this post telling us why some of the relief efforts have been delayed. According to the Facebook status, items donated by different organizations have been diverted to local government officials that delay the distribution just so they could repack and make them appear like they are the ones (or at least their office) donating these items. Now imagine the starving victims of calamity that have to endure another day or two without food, just so these politicians can "brand" the items that weren't from them in the first place. In my book, that is grounds for public beating but hey, that's just me. Of course, when proven to be true, we can always opt NOT to vote for these people again.

Apparently, the initial post is a little off. It is not only local government officials and barangays that are doing the sordid act, recent photos that surfaced on the web seem to suggest that the Vice President of the country is in league with them! Check out these photos supposedly taken on November 13 in Iloilo. (Source) 

This is actually nothing new. Binay has been constantly accused of giving help just so he could have a chance to promote himself and even send text blasts to everyone in the country about them.

Last October at the aftermath of the 7.2 earthquake that hit parts of the Visayas, photos of  labeled relief bags surfaced online. This incident prompted netizens to ask how much was spent to even have these bags created and if the goods were from the VP's personal pocket.

Now, if these donations are from Binay's personal funds then he has all the right to label them any way he wants. But if he is merely distributing donated goods coursed through his office, then this definitely is a crass and shameless display of politics.

Oh and P.S. Look who's on the far right side of the epal group photo.

UPDATE: Here's the reply posted by the VP's Media Affairs Head posted on Twitter.

So there you go, the VP just posed for pictures with the goods because hey, these days, people might say you didn't do anything if you do not pose for pictures, right? The stickers, were placed there by Engr. Nelson Golez Jr. of Iloilo.

The blue bags from the Bohol relief operations, on the other hand, well.

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  1. Anonymous11/18/2013

    Epal! All i can say is that we don't believe you and we will never vote for you! People are getting wiser!



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