Review: The Bluebird of Happiness


It is a story set on Christmas eve, at the height of the frustrations of siblings Mytyl and Tyltyl over not having the material things that they think would make their lives better. It is a scene that is familiar not only among children but even adults. Their frustration, a reminder of lives that are driven by making ends meet or achieving material wants that make us lose sight of the very things that should have made us happy in the first place.

In the season of giving, it is quite ironic that this is also the time when people's discontent and despair seem to manifest the most. And as these kids go on a quest to find true happiness through past and future, through greed and luxury, and through darkness and light, we go along with them realizing our own penchant for always wanting more than what we have. Through wondrous music and a spectacular production, The Bluebird of Happiness reconnects us with the simple joys that provide more meaning in our lives than any material possession can offer.

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The Bluebird of Happiness runs until October 20, 2013 at the Meralco Theater. For tickets, call (632) 901-4364 or visit www.ticketworld.com.ph.

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