Gearing up for the rainy season with Waterproof Rockport Boots

If you are in Manila, then you would know that rainy days often mean wading through flooded streets at the earliest sign of rain. In gearing up for this, I found a waterproof Rockport shoe online which is perfect for the season.

After scouring the web, I tried to look for this particular model in local Rockport shops to no avail. I also tried looking in Hong Kong on our recent trip but it was always out of stock. Online, I found the shoe listed in different sites at different prices. At Rockport.com it was priced at $125, $185 at onlineshoes.com and finally on sale at Amazon.com at $92.98 ($109.62 with US Shipping from Amazon to the freight forwarder). 

Along with shipping, it cost me a total of only $150.29 (P6763.05 at P45 conversion per dollar) which is a pretty sweet deal.

Of course, I managed to save this much because I used my trusty GCASH American Express Virtual Pay account which allows me to get the best deal by comparing prices online and have the item shipped from the US right to my doorstep at minimal cost. To learn more about GCASH American Express Virtual Pay, just follow the link.

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