Angel Locsin is Darna in new Star Cinema movie

As revealed by Star Cinema Managing Director Malou N. Santos in an interview with Manila Bulletin today, Angel Locsin will be reclaiming the iconic role that made her famous back in 2005. If the project pushes through, this will make Angel the first actress to play Darna both on film and on television.

Here's a look at Angel Locsin as Darna in the 2005 tv series:
Here is the link to the Manila Bulletin interview of Malou N. Santos.

Slated to be released in 2014, Darna is planned to be a joint project of Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment. This is the same partnership that produced Kung Fu Divas. 

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  1. Anonymous3/30/2014

    Angel is a rarity in Philippine showbiz
    you watch her in The Legal Wife and you will be mesmerized by her powerful, vulnerable, very realistic, emotional portrayal of the heroine Monica
    perhaps not really the first time you see her exude power and larger than life and that quality as an actress you see in her wide range not only of emotions she gives life to, but the versatility to be effective in portraying a wide range of characters and personalities
    any role seems an adventure to see her in because her takes are always to watch out for

    especially now that Angel of course has added more in her resume in acting
    we expect the Darna treatment to the movie worthy of her Ako ang Huling Bantay monologue in Lobo, grand, heroic, intense, unforgettable
    more than just a kiddie movie
    Angel is the heroine and superheroine for ages
    the writers, creators of the newest Darna movie have in their hands a great actress who is also the best action super heroine you can ever ask for
    perfect looks, the face, the body, the acting superlatives, and action moves
    the complete package deserves also the complete creative team for Darna

    1. Anonymous7/28/2014

      Rarity? Perfect face? (NGIWE) Body? (Only in Magazines) Adobe. Superheroine that GMA created bwahahahahahah. What a project!!?? GMA saw it before. Come on!



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