The Voice of the Philippines names Top 8 Finalists

9/15/2013 - Here are the top 8 contestants that will move on to the next round of the The Voice of The Philippines.

Week 1 Live Show Elimination Winners

Paolo Onesa. Studio version sounds much better. Still, this kid performed way better than anyone expected. He won over early favorite - Lee Grane during the Live Show Elimination.

Morissette Amon. Possible front-runner as she surprised audiences with consistently good performances since the Battle Round. The Sarah G. type of performance is also popular among PH audiences.

Thor. Supported by some popular artists like Vice Ganda, Erik Santos etc, Thor  is a strong contender when it comes to text votes. For me though, he has  a good voice, zero star appeal.

Mitoy Yonting. Not sure of his market but this guy seems pretty popular among text voters. With all the screaming though, I really do not see it happening. 

Week 2 Live Show Elimination Winners

Radha. Possible winner/front-runner. Pro singer seeking a second chance at fame. Former vocalist of the internationally-known Kulay. Listen to Radha's winning performance here.

Klarisse. Sarah's obvious favorite, not that the girl doesn't deserve it. Also pretty good and Team Sarah's front-runner.

Janice Javier. Team Apl's front-runner.  She has a nice swag that comes with powerful pipes and a much better alternative than Thor in my opinion.

Myk Perez. The thing that bothers me about Myk is the campaigning from obviously fake twitter accounts that advertise him. These fake accounts post 2-3 variations of the same tweet and they just keep getting posted again and again which is annoying really. Still, he managed to surprise and deliver a nice alternative in all of his previous performances. 

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