The Mega and the Songwriter Pilot Episode

In case you missed it, here is Sharon Cuneta's grand comeback to television, in a project that is reminiscent of The Sharon Cuneta Show. She is joined by TV5's newly acquired talent, Ogie Alcasid. 

The format of the show is pretty decent though they could do with less of the gimmicks (contests, short features and storytelling) catered to the masa market and just stick to making the performances and interviews interesting. For the pilot, it was a brilliant idea to tap the artists that have multitudes of followers online (except maybe for Ja-Mich) as this helped get more attention for the show. Charice and the band icons of the country were also a pleasant treat.

Overall, the timeless songs of Sharon and Ogie relived and performed by these very icons themselves, make the show a welcome addition to Sunday nighttime viewing.

The Mega and the Songwriter airs every Sunday at 9PM on TV5. Check out the pilot episode below.

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