Protégé Winners Topbill GMA's Pyra Babaeng Apoy

Article by: Precious Cundañgan

Can you imagine having strange powers or abilities that can create and manipulate fire?  Will you choose to suppress this power or learn to control it? GMA 7 explores the special power of pyrokinesis in its newest afternoon fantasy-drama - Pyra Babaeng Apoy. 

Top-billing the series is Protégé 2nd season winner, Thea Tolentino in the title role of Pyra. Opposite her is Protégé alumnus Jeric Gonzales, who plays Jeffrey Calida, her leading man.

In the series, Pyra is a born pyrokinetic (a person with the ability to create and control fire especially when he/she feels extreme emotions like anger). She is raised by a doting but highly protective adoptive mother Merly. While there are instances where Pyra accidentally harms other people, she learns how to control her special gift and emotions by having a sunny disposition and positive outlook in life. 

Though films like "Carrie" and "Firestarter" may come to mind as germinal ideas for this latest Kapuso teleserye, Pyra was actually inspired by real life events in the country including an 11-year old boy that produces fire in Gubat, Sorsogon and the 3-year old Antique native who was documented to have pyrokinesis in 2011. Unlike the aforementioned Pyrokinesis-themed films, Pyra is not packaged as a horror or suspense film, it explores a more humane and vulnerable side where the viewers could relate to and sympathize with. 

Joining the cast are Angelu de Leon, Gladys Reyes, Roxanne Guinoo, Ryan Eigenmann, Christopher Roxas, Polo Ravales, Elle Ramirez and Janno Gibbs as Aidan – Pyra’s mentor. Roderick Lindayag directs.

Pyra Babaeng Apoy airs from Mondays to Fridays after Maghihintay Pa Rin on GMA Afternoon Prime.
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  1. pretty weak show. It should be titled "cliche" as every scene is a cliche.



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