How to create a GCASH Online Account and monitor your transactions

I used to have this concern about not being able to generate a statement of my past GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay transactions. Whenever I needed to review my past purchases, I would need to call the GCASH hotline (2882) and ask an agent to check on my account.

Good thing, Globe has enabled access to GCASH ONLINE. Here, GCASH users can check their balance, transfer money online from a bank account, send money to another GCASH account, buy load, pay bills and most importantly check and monitor all online transactions made. This makes it easy to contest charges if needed or even just to see if you have been spending more than you should just because online shopping can get so addictive.

I initially had a hard time making an account as my number wouldn't show up on the Select your mobile menu so here's a quick guide on how to do it:

(Beta site)

1. Go to http://www.globe.com.ph and click on Register at the top right part of the page (Sign-up on the Beta site).

2. Register via Facebook, Yahoo, Google or any email account.
3. If registering via email, you will receive an email notification telling you if your registration is successful.
4. Go back to http://www.globe.com.ph and click on Login.

5. After logging in for the first time, go to Edit My Account Details on the right sidebar menu.

6. You will see three (3) tabs: My Accounts, Profile and My Wallet. 
7. Select My Accounts and click on Add New Account. You will then see a pop-up asking for your mobile number. 

8. Input the mobile number registered to GCASH and click on Send Code.
9. Check the verification Code that will be sent to you via SMS, encode the code and click on Add Account.
10. Once your phone number is added to your account, you now access your GCASH account online.   You may access this via http://www.globe.com.ph -> Access my GCASH option on the right sidebar menu or thru https://mygcash.globe.com.ph/gcashonline.

11. Select the mobile number that you added earlier on the Select Mobile Number dropdown and enter your MPIN (Mobile PIN).

12. Once logged in, you should be able to see your balance, transfer money online from a bank account, send money to another GCASH account, buy load, pay your bills and check all online transactions that you have made.
13. For added security, you will also get a notification via SMS everytime your account is accessed online.

To know more about shopping online using GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay, click here.

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