Flawless Face and Body Center ups standards for hygiene

I have always had the impression that most facial treatment centers are pretty much the same. The interiors look the same, the treatments are the same, even price points are the same. Checking out a Flawless  Face and Body Center for the first time yesterday, I realized that my initial generalization could not be further from the truth.

What sets them apart - an impeccable attention to hygiene that I have not seen in other treatment centers before. From hand sanitizers that are strategically placed all over its clinics - to sterilized tools sealed in individual pouches, disposable headbands and towels stored in cabinets with UV lamp sterilizers, Flawless takes pride in implementing the strictest sanitary protocols in all of its 37 clinics nationwide. Most items on this list, I was told, were recently deployed to further ensure that Flawless patients get the treatment that they deserve.

To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit www.flawless.com.ph or like Facebook.com/FlawlessFaceandBody. You may also follow Twitter.com/MyFlawless or visit Flawless’ online shop, shop.flawless.com.ph.

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