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I have to admit, I have only been to Divisoria twice in my entire life. Once when I was a kid and once about two years ago when my partner coerced asked me to go with him to buy some Christmas ornaments. Being used to shopping online for convenience, I found the place way too stressful that whatever savings we may have gotten didn't seem worth it.

While the place is the country's hub for huge and I mean HUGE savings when buying almost any kind of item that you can think about, for someone that isn't too familiar with the area, you could easily get lost in the waves of human traffic and the different shopping centers and malls scattered all over the place.

It is for this reason that 24 year-old Palaweño John Yayen created a Divisoria Guide app. For whether you are in a wholesale distribution business reselling items in instagram or your own shop, a foreigner in search of the most affordable products that the country has to offer or even just a regular fashionista looking for items that cost at least double in more popular malls in the Metro, the Divisoria Guide app can lead you to the best deals available.

The Divisoria Guide app can also direct you to the nearest parking locations, taxi bays as well as police stations and hospitals for emergencies.

It even has an offline map which you can use should your 3G/LTE signal falter. 

The Divisoria Guide app will be available at the App Store for $2.99 starting September 6, 2013 at 5PM MLA. An Android app is in the pipeline. 

For more updates and information about the Divisoria Guide app, you may check out the following:

Twitter: @divisoriaguide

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