Cosmo Bash 2013 Photo Gallery

Here are some of the featured hunks from Cosmo Bash 2013. Photos are c/o BroadwayWorld co-photographer, Jory Rivera. The Cosmo Bachelor Bash is an annual event by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Cute bedimpled Tom Rodriguez and his drawn (?) abs

Baby no more. Sam Concepcion.

Super hot Victor Basa.

Another favorite. Carlo Romero.

Albie Casiño. Hottest guy that night IMO.

Here's a link to Jory's complete gallery on Facebook. Also, you may check out more photos at lifestylehub.net and this video of the actual show c/o Becky Nights.

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  1. Anonymous10/14/2013

    Who is this guy? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-G31x94rqZBo/UkJkyTrlL_I/AAAAAAAALno/4XY60gTqpmY/s1600/1016529_10151610779745780_1073068029_n.jpg



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