Sharon Cuneta is Madam Chairman in her first ever teleserye

 After a seven-month long hiatus from television, Sharon Cuneta is ready to stage a comeback via her first ever teleserye, Madam Chairman. 

A welcome decision for most fans that are eagerly awaiting to see the Megastar act again, Madam Chairman seems like the perfect formula for Sharon who is known to effortlessly juggle comedy and drama.

Employing the best creative talents of TV5, Madam Chairman is directed by film veteran Joel Lamangan and written by my personal favorite - Jose Javier Reyes.

To prepare for the role, Sharon immersed herself in the goings-on in an actual barangay and even participated in deliberations about current problems that are being tackled in the lowest administrative/political division in the country.

To know more about Madam Chairman and to get updates about the show, you may follow their Facebook page by clicking here.

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