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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been checking the local Kenneth Cole shops for a very specific model of a watch that I saw on their website. Unfortunately, this elusive model was either out of stock or was no longer sold here in the country that I decided to give up on it and started scouting for alternatives.

The Kenneth Cole KC1885 as listed in the brand's own website

Saw the same model on sale at Amazon.com

Good thing I came across a blog that talked about online shopping and how convenient it was with Globe's GCASH. I quickly got myself my own GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay and just purchased the darn thing online. Compared to mall prices (when available) that ranged from Php 7500-Php 9500,  I was able to get the item for half the local price by conveniently comparing prices from different websites and finding the the best deal (Kenneth Cole website price $115, Amazon sale price $67.87+$6.08 tax) in a matter of minutes. After a few clicks, I received a confirmation of my purchase and it is now en route to my doorsteps.

Gone are the days when one has to worry about costly taxes and shipping cost when having an item delivered from abroad. You don't even have to worry about having a credit card nor stores that deliver only within the US. With GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay, you are given a personalized US address where your purchased item can be delivered. From there, you can easily have the item shipped right to your own home here in the PH. 

For anyone that knows how to navigate a social media account, online shopping is easy but GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay made it even easier and made it possible for just about anyone to access more virtual shopping venues. Here's how you sign-up:

Apart from the demo provided above, I found it easier to just do everything on my phone. For iPhone, Android and Blackberry users, there is a dedicated GCASH app that you can download and use. 

Once you have downloaded the app, simply register by dialing *143# and follow the prompts. You will be asked for an MPIN or a Mobile Pin, your mother's maiden name, your complete name, address and your phone number. Once registered, you can now access your GCASH App.

For American Express Virtual Pay, you may be asked to go to a Globe center so you can be ID'd before you get your Virtual card. This step is required just as it is required for you to show up in a bank when you are opening an account. You can load up your GCASH at any Globe Wireless Center, any accredited ATM, or by transferring funds online.

Online Shopping

Now you are ready to shop. I got my first purchase off Amazon.com and I am sharing with you the steps below:

1. Log in to your Amazon.com account and browse through thousands of products by category or use the search field to look for a specific item.

2. Click on Add to Cart.

3. Proceed to Checkout.

4. Encode your shipping address (Here you may put in the address listed on your GCASH Virtual Wallet. Below this, answer "Is this address also your billing address (the address that appears on your credit card or bank statement)?"

5. Click on Place your order if everything is in order.
6. Wait for email confirmation and check on the provided link for the status of your purchase. At this point you should also get a notification via SMS about the charge deducted from your GCASH Virtual Wallet.

7. Now just wait for an email from your My Shopping Box account notifying you that purchased item has arrived. From there you can authorize shipment and have the item delivered to your Philippine address. 

July 30, 2013

Just got this item shipped from the US address c/o my-shoppingbox.com to the PH. Including the shipping cost, here's the breakdown of how much I spent:

Item cost: $67.87
Tax:          $6.08
Shipping:  $16.49
Total        $90.44

At the current conversion of $1=P42, this is equivalent to P3798.48 which is still P3701.52 cheaper than the local mall price which was at least P7500.

August 8, 2013

Package came exactly 7 business days from the date that it was shipped to the PH as guaranteed by my-shoppingbox.com. 

The item that I got looked even better in real life than it did on the internet photos. Check out the photo below. This has been a pretty good shopping experience all-in-all and I would surely be getting more stuff online from now on.

To know more about GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay you may click here or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. Hello, can I use this to receive money too?

  2. Yup. Please check out this link about GCASH Remit. http://gcash.globe.com.ph/productandservices#tabThree

  3. Anonymous9/30/2013

    Hi have you tried gcash using other us based sites? If yes, what are they? I am planning to use gcash as my mode of payment however the site requires us based cards only. Thanks!

  4. You can use GCASH American Express Virtual Pay on practically any site that requires a US based card. Tried it on ebay, gap.com and a friend tried forever21.com. Also signed up and purchased items on iTunes US that strictly requires a US card with a valid US address to even sign-up ;)

    1. Anonymous10/02/2013

      Hi. I am planning to use it on h&m us, however their site is too strict because their site is only available to some regions that they detect the bank first before you can checkout. Kinda risky to try gcash. I heard gcash refund system sucks.

    2. I haven't tried H&M yet but will update you on this one of these days. As for the refund system, I bought an older version of FFXIV off Amazon a few weeks ago and realized later on that the new version is called FFXIV, A Realm Reborn. While Amazon does not usually give refunds for digital downloads, they allowed me a one-time courtesy download because I have had a lot of transactions with them. They told me that refund should reflect within 10-business days and I got it back in less. So per my experience, I have had no issues with refunds via GCASH. :)

    3. Anonymous10/02/2013

      Wow. That would be great! H&M US is on sale right now. I couldn't wait to shop there. Just worried if gcash will work there. I am still waiting for the activation of my gcash. I can't add my acct on globe site because my number is new and I just got kcyed.

    4. If in case you need help in creating your online account, I made a guide here http://www.dalebacar.com/2013/09/how-to-create-gcash-online-account-and.html. The online site is actually useful for tracking your purchases. For everything else that had to do with your balance, you get updates through text :)

  5. Anonymous10/02/2013

    Thanks! Anyway, how many days did it take after you got kcyed?

  6. Anonymous10/15/2013

    Hi. Have you tried shopping at H&M already? Any news? :)

    1. I got up to the part where I gave them all of my info to test. So far, okay naman. Didn't go through with the purchase yet though kasi wala pa ako bibilhin :)))

      At this point I am 85% sure. Pag may nakita ako na gusto ko bilhin sa site for real, will let you know.

  7. Hi. How come your shipping cost is at $16.49? Is this based on my-shopping box computation?

    1. Yes, that is computed by my-shopping box . Good news is for their Black Friday promo, they are slashing off P12 for every dollar. So malaking savings sya.

  8. I thought the shipping cost of my-shopping box is only $5.99 per pound for class1 and $8.50 for class2 items. I think the weight of the watch is below 1pound, I'm wondering why it reached to $16.49.

    1. Here are the details: 1 Kenneth Cole Men`s Watch; pckd: 10x7x3in. Chargeable Shipping Wt.(lbs.) 2.00 Air: $16.49. As for the rates, there are classifications based on the items. Jewelries are at $8.50 per pound. http://www.my-shoppingbox.com/gcashamex/rates.php

  9. Hi! Did you try ordering from H&M yet? I did twice and they just kept on declining my orders.

    1. Not yet! Kasi I don't know my exact size sa H&M and I don't wanna buy clothes online unless nacheck ko exact size. Did you use GCASH or normal CC? What was the error message?

    2. Me too i tried to order from h&m twice na declined tas na charge n din skin agad. I use my gcash amex. Ndi ko alam kung bakit. Pero may nabasa akong forum nagamit nia ung amex sa h&m 😔

    3. I got to order from them through phone. I used Magic Jack :)) I think the problem was with the IP address.

    4. A friend of mine ordered from this website too that declined the card not because of the card but because of the IP. For cases like that I think you can retry using a prox, but I am not 100% sure that it would work.

  10. Maybe you can update your article to reflect that users can now reserve airplane seats at http://www1.philippineairlines.com using their GCash AMEX cards. Nasubukan ko na for a local flight, and I think it would be a great help sa mga people na walang credit cards pangreserve online. :)

  11. Anonymous4/16/2014

    Their FOREX is not $1=Php42. Don't you think that's too much?

    1. When the forex was at P42 to a dollar, the GCASH exchange rate was at P45. Now that we are averaging at P44, theirs is at P47. That is fair for me considering that apart from the annual fee of P250, you do not really pay anything else compared to all the charges you get using a credit card.



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