Cannes Film Festival hit On the Job will be released in Philippine Cinemas Aug 28, 2013

Fresh off the critical success of Tuhog, Star Cinema is set to release another world class feature - On the Job (OTJ). Exhibited in the recent Cannes Film Festival as part of the Director's Fortnight, OTJ has generated positive reviews from international critics, a US distribution deal and an unconfirmed report of a Hollywood remake.

Justin Chang, Senior Film Critic of Variety said: "By the time the stories converge, in a hospital shootout that impressively recalls “The Godfather,” “On the Job” has the viewer confidently in its grip. The jittery action-movie syntax — from Francis Ricardo Buhay III’s handheld, neon-smeared lensing and Jay Halili’s whiplash editing to Erwin Romulo’s kicky musical selections — feels like a natural extension of this chaotic environment. The atmosphere proves as engrossing as the narrative; the violence erupts with grotesque, alarming frequency as the film wends its way toward an ending even more fatalistic than anticipated."

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter called On the Job "A likably rough-edged hitmen-vs.-cops thriller from the Philippines." They also said that Director Eric Matti's "muscular handling of fast-paced action sequences consistently impresses."

Local Trailer

Cannes Film Festival Trailer

On the Job will be released in Philippine cinemas on August 28, 2013.

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