Stagers cross over from theater to film in Otso

In between seasons, members of the multi-awarded Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF) manage to cross over from theater to the immortal medium of film in Otso.

Set as an entry in the Master Director's Showcase of the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival this September, Otso also marks the return of Elwood Perez whose last film was in 2003. 

Otso stars PSF founder Vince Tañada in the lead role, PSF homegrown talents Monique Azerreda, Gabby Bautista, Patrick Libao, Chris Lim, Jordan Ladra, Adele Ibarrientos, Cindy Liper, Art Gabrentina, Kevin Posadas and many others. 

Sineng Pambansa is tentatively set to start on September 7, 2013 in SM Cinemas.

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