Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding

Dale's Review:

When we left the cinema after watching Four Sisters and a Wedding, I had 2 things in mind. One, that Bea Alonzo could be given an hour long monologue and she could still manage to deliver a powerful and compelling performance and two, that those Rebisco Crackers were so disgusting that people would rather play with them than eat them.

The recurring product placement, however, was not the only problem that plagued the film. Right from its clunky start, Four Sisters and a Wedding struggled to sustain interest with its multiple subplots. The main driver for the story is hardly interesting and neither the hilarious performance of Carmi Martin nor the surprise revelation of the bride's identity managed to make this audience care whether the wedding pushed through or not. 

While the elements of the story could have made a decent drama special on television, the movie felt too cluttered especially when big scenes are forcibly placed just so equal screen time could be afforded to the popular leads. 

That said, the same casting that forced the script to go awry is also what saved the film. Bea Alonzo proved to be one of the network's leading actresses when it comes to drama as she comfortably delivered what could have been an awkward monologue had that part been assigned to an actress with less talent. Toni Gonzaga's comfortable switch from comedy to drama, as always, was delivered with so much heart that rooting for her character just came naturally. While Angel Locsin was visibly acting, Shaina Magdayao and Coney Reyes provided grounding performances that glued the film together. 

For a film that launched the studio's 20th anniversary, Four Sisters and a Wedding was mediocre at best. Sure it could illicit a few laughs and it could almost make anyone cry but so could any telenovela on weekday tv and you wouldn't even have to spend money to watch those.

Rating: 2.5/5
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