My Husband's Lover Pilot Episode

In case you missed it, watch the much talked about pilot episode of My Husband's Lover below.

While suffering from the same flawed teleplay that is prevalent in most of the network's shows where everything is spelled out for the audience, this may actually be useful for this series considering the delicate topic that is being discussed. I imagine that it may not be easy to explain to the adamantly Catholic masa (and this is regardless of social standing) that watches Eat Bulaga how men can be in love with each other and that is okay. 

Laden with stereotypes and contrived situations that are a staple in your usual telenovela viewing, My Husband's Lover is really pretty typical. The main difference so far is that it looks like it has the balls to discuss a reality that people often turn away from and bring it front and center on primetime. 

At a time when telenovelas all but recycle stories about fairies, mermaids and superheroes; at a time when remakes are made to sound like a brilliant idea when the main reason that they are there is because networks seem to have run out of new and original ideas; and at a time when a show is called riveting and will trend if someone gets kidnapped; where rich people always seem to have goons and killers at their disposal, here comes a simple story of a common truth that we have seen countless times in real life but is considered 'controversial' or even taboo on local television. In that respect, this show is already a cut above the competition at the moment.

Of course I am crossing my fingers that guns and goons will not soon find their way to this drama.

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