Charice gets netizen support after declaring she's a lesbian

Ending speculations about her sexuality, which rooted mainly from her drastic change in style or the sudden departure of it, Charice finally declares that she is a lesbian on the Abs-Cbn talkshow - The Buzz.

Although the announcement is hardly surprising, it was welcomed by majority of netizens, straight and gay people alike. The overwhelming acceptance is actually quite inspiring and takes the focus off the massive hate and bashing that has plagued the accomplished artist recently. 

With the identity issue on the side, the focus is now back on Charice's talent and limitless potential that allowed her to conquer the international entertainment scene. As netizens unanimously hope that she gets her career back on track, this author would just like to give props to the artist for having the balls to admit who she is no matter what anyone says and for proving once and for all that the truth can indeed set a person free.

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