AXN airs The Apprentice Asia starting May 22, 2013

After four seasons of The Amazing Race Asia, AXN returns yet again with another made-in-Asia original production - The Apprentice Asia.

For those that aren't familiar with The Apprentice, think of this as Survivor in a urban set-up; one where the contestants get to shower and eat decently and where only the toughest and most cunning strategist will get hired by a noted tycoon. 

Played by Donald Trump in the original production, The Apprentice Asia will feature Forbes Asia 2010's Businessman of the Year, Tony Fernandez - Group CEO of TuneAir (Tune Hotels) and AirAsia. Joining him as advisors are Mark Lankester (Group CEO, Tune Hotels) and Kathleen Tan (CEO, AirAsiaExpedia).

AXN searched the region for the best entrepreneurs that have the potential to work for Mr. Fernandez. Among those that were chosen are Filipinos, Jonathan Allen Yabut and Celina Le Neindre. 

Jonathan is an Economics major from the University of the Philippines who is currently the senior product manager of a pharmaceutical company. He is only one of seven marketers under the age of 35 to win the 2012 Mansmith Young Market Masters Award.

Celina, on the other hand, completed a Master Chef Program at the Philippine School of Culinary Arts and currently a food and beverage consultant for a steakhouse.

“The Apprentice Asia” premieres on May 22 and airs every Wednesday at 9:05PM exclusively on AXN.

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