Star Cinema's Bromance opens in cinemas on May 15, 2013

Synopsis c/o Star Cinema:

All his life, BRANDO (Zanjoe Marudo) has hated his identical twin brother, BRANDY (Zanjoe Marudo), who happens to be gay. He just cannot accept his twin bro whom he considers his biggest misfortune in life. He decides to detach from Brandy and live separately as a self-employed mechanic away from his wealthy twin bro.

One day, Brando finds himself in desperate need for a big amount of money to settle a personal debt. He finds a solution to this problem when he meets Brandy again. Unfortunately, Brandy meets an accident on thatsame day and ends up in a coma. But Brando learns that his bro is in the middle of a big business deal, so before things get out of control, Brando pretends to be Brandy!

Brando becomes Brandy and finds himself living the life of the person he hates the most. But things aren't all that bad. He now has the chance to get the money and to win back ERIKA (CristineReyes), an ex-fling who also happens to be Brandy's friend. Brando enjoys living Brandy's fabulous life and feels that he should do something to repay his estranged gay bro.

Will Brando be able to make amends before his bro wakes up or will he be too late?

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