Work from home job opportunity

For those that want a fulltime, homebased work check out this job opportunity.

Get that work-life balance you have always craved for and be in the comfort of your own bedroom, living room or even a hotel room when you go on vacation. Avoid the hassle of a daily commute and never worry about what to wear to work anymore. You can have all these while earning as much or even more than people that work in fancy offices.

If you think this is something you want to try, check out the requirements below.

A CSR is tasked to provide support and guidance to the client's customers through inbound communication channels.  He/she is tasked to clearly document all transactions in the relevant software systems. He/she should also maintain a high level of system and product knowledge in order to provide the best customer service solution.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Responds to issues sent out through support channels like email, live chat and phone call.
2. Accurately inputs all important user information into tracking system according to defined guidelines
3. Identifies, researches and resolves a variety of problems ranging from billing to technical issues.
4. Tracks and monitors the problem to ensure a timely resolution.
5. Maintains knowledge base content integrity, updating contents that are deemed obsolete.
6. Provide support to customers, solving issues in a friendly, effective and satisfactory manner.
7. Discover new avenues to reach out to customers to improve the level of customer satisfaction.
8. Provides support to internal teams whenever needed


1. 1-year minimum of experience in a customer service-related position.
2. Demonstrates excellent verbal communication skills and ability to convey information clearly and effectively.
3. Very strong attention to detail; ability to multi-task and resolve issues without sacrificing quality.
4. Comfortable working independently, however, does not lose the sense of being a team player.
5. Typing speed at a minimum of 40 WPM or higher.
6. Friendly, upbeat, polite and self-motivated.
7. Works under minimum supervision.

Technical Requirements

It is important that you meet all of these requirements to be considered for the position with Global Hires.

1. Internet Connection:
Subscription to a reliable, high-speed, hard-wired Internet connection. Minimum DSL or broadband speeds of 1 mbps download speed and 200 kbps upload speed.  No satellite or wireless Internet service.

Must submit connection speed proof using Speedtest.net.
Checking for Internet speed should usually be done by any of the following by order:

(1) connecting to the server hosted by your ISP
(2) connecting to nearest possible server
(3) connecting to server your ISP suggests (you can know this by calling tech support)

2. Computer specification:

PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Minimum 2 GB free hard drive disk space
Minimum 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended for Vista or Windows 7)
1 GHz to 1.5 GHz Processor or higher (Multi-Core Recommended)
Monitor with minimum screen resolution of 800x600. (1280x1024 recommended)
Sound card and speakers to listen to audio files

Must submit a system generated specification report by following the steps below:
Start -> Run -> type dxdiag
In System tab, click “Save all information”
Rename the file to “DxDiag_surname”

3. Headset:
Features a microphone
Connects to your computer via a USB port (recommended)

4. Office:
Comfortable and ergonomically safe furniture and office set-up
Quiet, free of any background noise (we have a zero tolerance policy for noise)

The selection process requires potential candidates to take a series of tests to measure their abilities.  Potential candidates will be paid a fixed price upon successful completion of tests.

This job requires 40 hours per week. Upon successful completion of tests and interviews with us, an offer will be made at a competitive rate.

A web camera is required for each testing phase.  It is mandatory to log on to the oDesk Team application for proctoring purposes.

To apply for this job, create an account at odesk.com then go to this link.

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