Primetime TV Watch: The Battle of Pinoy Superheroes

This 2013, Abs-Cbn, GMA 7 and TV5 came up with their own unique superhero offering featuring top actors of the respective networks and well... Bong Revilla. Tonight, Abs-Cbn's Juan dela Cruz will start airing, starting a triquetra of superhero shows on the 3 competing Philippine networks. 


Originally a film concept for the Metro Manila Film Festival, Juan dela Cruz will serve as a year long prelude to what Abs-Cbn hopes to be a festival entry for December 2013. It stars the network's latest favorite leading man, Coco Martin as the destined wielder of an epic mystical cross that transforms into at least three kinds of weapons. His other special ability is being able to charm people with his prominent lisp and appearing irresistible while he is doing it.

The series explores characters in Philippine folk lore such as aswangs (vampire-like monsters) and the tagapagbantay (guardian) fused with a strong Christian theme. The protagonist's name, on the other hand, is derived from a Philippine personification of every man. 

Juan dela Cruz airs on weekdays at 730PM.


Derek Ramsey is Kidlat - the costumed alter-ego of an ordinary mechanic who was bestowed electrical powers from a freak lightning accident when he was a boy. He is also able to switch networks like a flash and appear on almost all billboards in the Metro.

Baron Geisler plays Vincent Megaton Jr., arch-enemy of Kidlat and son of a brilliant scientist played by Christopher de Leon. The relationship between the two, I am guessing, is reminiscent of the Green Goblin/Hobgoblin storyline.

Kidlat airs on weekdays at 645PM.


GMA 7's Indio is a cross between a fictitious historical figure and the fairies of Encantadia. It is set during the  Spanish era, chronicling the life of a lowly slave that later on becomes a superhero.

Indio stars a Philippine Senator who has so much time on his hands, he can actually handle the rigors of a daily soap opera along with another show in the network and his annual Metro Manila Film Festival movie. One of his special powers, it would seem, is appearing like an actual public servant while spending time on his showbiz commitments.

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