Review: A Moment in Time

Dale's Review: 

At the onset, A Moment in Time looked like it was trying to convey an actual story, giving an interesting conflict that gave way to a justifiable change in Coco Martin's character. It also has a charming enough lead that was (unintentionally) flawed but easily redeemable had the movie avoided some unnecessary character choices on the second half of the film. 

Coco Martin proved to be a decent enough leading man as he was able to throw the most cringe-worthy lines, that warrant a restraining order in real life, in an almost adorable way. Julia Montes, however, was lifeless in her role and it didn't help that the supporting cast provided her (Joj, Jai and Joseph Marco) were all doing a variety of singsong lines that dig deep into the eardrums.

When the initial conflict was laid out, it seemed like the film was about to go to a darker direction than most Star Cinema rom-coms had gone before. But just as it was getting interesting, a key revelation became an excuse to bring the film to a foreign location for all the wrong reasons. Julia Montes, who had just discovered the gravity of what she had done against Martin, fled the country feeling betrayed and wronged when what she should have done was go after the guy and apologize. She could have felt overly wrought and therefore unable to face her one true love but instead, she became illogical and thought she deserved to be chased after for years.

When it was time for their inevitable happy ending, the movie ceased being a film and became a music video filler all the way until the credits rolled. Had I been conflicted if the film was redeemable or not, this finally sealed the deal and gave an impression that the entire second half,  especially the ending was rushed and not even really thought about. 

Rating: 1.5

Jae's Review:

I went in without any expectations as I have been disappointed with the last few Star Cinema movies I have watched. I'll just enumerate the good and bad and make this a quick read for everyone.

The Good:

- Coco Martin is one of the few actors who can deliver corny and weird lines or scenes without making it look awkward (well, it was still awkward but in a cute and adorable way). The only other guy I know who can do this is John Lloyd Cruz.
- Cherie Gil, OMG. She just needs to walk into a room and her presence and charisma is so palpable you can literally feel it. I'm a believer. I wish I could see her play the main protagonist, as all I've ever seen her play are kontrabidas or support roles.
- Gabby Concepcion gave credence to his role as a rich, doting dad. Nothing spectacular with his actin, but I think his role is too short for him to do anything with it.

The Bad:
- Why is this movie glorifying stalking? A girl should be really scared if what Coco did in the movie happened to her in real life. I predict a lot of people will start randomly shouting "Baby" everywhere.
- While Coco can play the light parts of the movie pretty well, he tends to go back to his 'default-drama' tone, voice and speaking style (the same style I saw him do on dramatic parts of his other movies including the indies).

- The story had a good build up from the start but was shattered to bits during the last part of the movie (around the time they went to Amsterdam). I mean, c'mon, isn't the part where Julia making a big deal of Coco Martin hurting her when she already knew she was the one responsible for his mom's death too farfetched?

Should you watch this?

Obviously, if you're a Coco fan. Also if you're looking for something to do on your date this Valentine's and is getting tired of walking around the mall. (Although I would still prefer Warm Bodies or the latest Die Hard installment.)

If you're looking for substance and a solid story, invite your bf/gf to your place, go have pizza delivered and pop in a good romantic movie (suggestions: One More Chance, Sana Maulit Muli, 50 First dates, My Best Friend's Wedding, Wall-E, Titanic, even Brokeback Mountain). That'll be a better way of passing time with your special someone. 

Rating: 2/5
Average Rating: 1.75

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