A Moment in Time opens in cinemas on February 13, 2013

This February 13, Star Cinema brings to the big screen, the tandem that was made popular by the Abs-Cbn soap opera - Walang Hanggan. Hoisted as a Valentine presentation, A Moment in Time will test the bankability of Coco Martin and Julia Montes.

Coco Martin has starred in some of Abs-Cbn's most popular soaps but his popularity has yet to translate to box-office returns. He was earlier launched in a romantic movie opposite Angeline Quinto which earned lukewarm results in the box-office at best.

Meanwhile, A Moment in Time is to be Julia Montes' first major role in a movie.

I only watched the pilot episode of Walang Hanggan so I have not really seen the chemistry of Coco and Julia yet. Although I have seen the charms of Martin in his new project, Juan dela Cruth Cruz, I have my doubts when he is to play an average, romance type of guy. I think the street-smart, action star persona suits his character more but I reserve judgment until after I watch the movie.

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