A Moment in Time earns P34.4M on its opening weekend

A Moment in Time opened to a modest P34,419,200 ($860,480 - converted at $1=P40)) for its first 5 days of screening. This is according to the data off boxofficemojo.com for the period of February 13-17, 2013. 

Despite their phenomenal success in the hit series, Walang Hanggan, it may look as if the popular television team-up did not do as well when transported to the big screen. The film is still screening in Philippine cinemas however and is now on its second week. A Moment in Time was given a B rating by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

Update: As of February 24, 2013, A Moment in Time has earned a total of P56,254,720 ($1,406,368).

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