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Remember the 2005 Cinemalaya favorite, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros? It made rounds in international film festivals and even won the Golden Zenith Award for Best Picture at the Montreal World Film Festival and a Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. It is now being made into a stage musical by Bit by Bit Company, in cooperation with the PETA Theater Center.

Auditions will be held on March 9-10, 2013 at the PETA Theater Center. For more information, you may contact Nick Guila at 0915-1916384 or visit their official Facebook page.

Auditionees are advised that they are expected to sing, dance and act with equal facility.

Must look 13 -15 years of age.
Must be androgenous; able to pass off as both male and female.
Has a strong soprano voice. Must be able to dance.
If auditioning for this role please prepare a pop song that will showcase your vocal range.

Police officer, object of Maxie’s puppy love, affection.
Must look like in his mid to late 20s.
Should be willing to appear on stage in underwear.
Strong baritone or tenor voice. Must be able to sing both ballad and rock songs.

Early 20s
Early 20s
Maxie’s brother.
Preferably able to play the guitar. If auditioning for this role, please prepare a slow OPM song and showcase guitar ability.

Late 20s
Maxie’s brother. Eldest of the siblings.
Strong baritone voice.

Mid to late 20s.
Victor’s police partner.
Willing to play multiple roles.

15-17years of age
A closet bully.
Must have comic timing. Background in dance is preferable.

Petty crime lord. Maxie’s father.
Must have a strong Tenor voice.

Ensemble players
15 years old and above with strong singing voices (all vocal ranges) and acting capacities.

Be ready to sing 1 song from a PINOY ALTERNATIVE BAND and 1 song from a BROADWAY MUSICAL. Be ready with a dance piece, Either HIPHOP, CONTEMPORARY or JAZZ. Be ready to learn a dance combination

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