Review: The Strangers

Jae's Review:

I read reviews that this was not your typical horror movie and that the twist was unexpectedly nice. After watching the movie, I can't help but think how different people define "typical" and "unexpected".

The Good - Enchanting cinematography. Enchong's abs. JM's handsome face. Enrique's torso.

The Bad - Julia Montes' acting. A friend described her as the Philippines' Kristen Stewart. I have to agree - she sported the same stony, constipated reaction during the whole movie. Johnny Revilla's 'can't act" acting. His singsong way of reciting his lines had me cringing the whole time I hear him speak.

The Ugly - twist? What twist? The supposed twist was very obvious 3 minutes after Enrique and Julia came on the scene. You can also delete Enchong's character and plotline in this movie and you won't notice any difference. I feel like they just slapped on his plot and character just so Enchong can be in this movie.

Why would you want to watch it: read "The Good" up above. Also an excuse to get your girlfriend to act "scared' so you can "comfort' and wrap your arms around her for "protection".

Rating: 2/5

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