Review: Sisterakas

Dale's Review:

I wrote in an earlier article that Sisterakas could be funny if Wenn Deramas goes all out ridiculous as he already has the actors needed to just go crazy with the material. While his attempt is not exactly Zoolander, this latest offering of Star Cinema delivers the laughs, at least to the majority of audiences that are familiar with the inside jokes delivered.

Much of the credit goes to Kris Aquino who was pretty game in making fun of her own endorsements, her movies and even her personal life. It takes a lot of confidence and strength of character to be able to share the sentiments of critics and laugh along with them, showing them once and for all that she is above and beyond what people say about her. I think it is pretty admirable and something that other mega big stars can learn from.

Ai Ai and Vice Ganda, on the other hand, are as committed to their roles as they have been in other Wenn Deramas movies. The only difference is, this time they have a much better material to work with - one that actually attempts to tell a story.

The tandem of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo was not really needed in the story but it was a pleasant addition. The pair has a tangible chemistry that reeks of potential and I am certain that Star Cinema is ready to harvest this potential with even more projects this 2013.

Sisterakas is not exactly a good movie but it is a much better film than anything that Wenn Deramas has come up with over the last few years. With an able cast exuding a visible bond, the film was able to translate into a fun and enjoyable viewing that is at least worthy of the attention that it has been getting in the local box-office.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jae's Review:

Looking back at Deramas' list of movies and why I liked some and disliked the others, I found a common thread - I loved his movies when he goes all out and makes larger than life characters so the actors can get totally crazy (ex: Tanging Ina Part 1, Private Benjamin). He flounders when he starts to insert a realistic storyline and real life characters and tries to mix his over the top comedy into that (ex: the rest of the tanging ina movies).

I've said it before: Director Wenn + Pvt Benjamin Vice + Tanging Ina Ai Ai = boring and same old tiring comedy routine that's only mildly funny and better off watched as a rerun on the TV. With Sisterakas, I'm glad I was proven wrong.

This is a movie where I think the director and actors allowed themselves to go crazy and painted the town red with their own distinct comedic styles. Vice's wit and sarcasm, Ai Ai's manic facial contortions (ranging from funny to sentimental) and Kris' exaggerated version of her real life persona complemented each other to wacky and funny results.

What's more surprising is that there actually is quite a strong storyline to go with the laughter. Yes, it has certain glaring plotholes but you tend to forget it as this is movie is all just one big reason to be ridiculous and have fun.

Additional plus: Kris Aquino for being a sport and allowing everyone to make fun of her real life events.

Should you watch it? Yes, if you want to just laugh out your real life worries and have fun at the expense of the fictional characters on screen.

Rating: 3.5/5
Average Rating: 3

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  1. Anonymous12/27/2012

    it's Kathryn, not Kristine. sana po i-correct.

  2. Since you asked nicely, edited.

  3. Anonymous12/29/2012

    Mostly rehashed lines and over-acting.

  4. A good and funny Movie but not for blockbuster.



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