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Dale's Review:

It is impossible to review One More Try without comparing it to the 2007 Chinese film, In Love We Trust. While the general direction of the former departed after the first hour, the idea and the characters of both films are undeniably the same. The problem here is, at least when compared to One More Try, In Love We Trust is a far more superior movie with excellent actors than what the local adaptation could ever hope to be or to have.

Both movies follow the story of a desperate mother who would do anything to save the life of her child. Throughout this journey, we are introduced to three other lives that will be inevitably affected by her quest. But while In Love We Trust was poignant in its simplicity and effectively relayed the burden of the characters in silence, One More Try takes the opposite route and relied on melodrama and overbearing music. One More Try also created a back story that involved infidelity to fuel the jealousy that would be the film's focus later on, they made the character of Zanzoe Marudo negligible and added the stereotypical sidekick/best-friend/confidante for both Angel and Angelica.

Acting-wise, the four leads were limited by a bad script that seems to equate drama with crying and dramatic confrontations. Angel was mostly decent in playing out the desperation of her character, vulnerable yet manipulative and willing to go to desperate lengths just to ensure that her son is given a few more years of life. What is distracting though, is how the film tends to always show the characters at the verge of tears even when there is no need for it. This is especially true for Zanzoe Marudo who looked like a lost puppy that was kicked in the gut for most of the film. This is sad because his character was integral to the original movie. Here he was reduced to a simple-minded man that serves only  as an unnecessary complication. Angelica Panganiban could have delivered a strong performance but there were moments when even she could not sustain the monologues that were assigned to her character. Finally, Dingdong Dantes acted well on the surface but lacked the depth needed to portray the conflict between the love that he felt for his wife and the need to save his son. There were moments when Dantes would verbalize this conflict but what we could see was nothing more than spite.

As one of the films that I expected the most from in this MMFF set, One More Try was mostly a disappointment. I personally have nothing against them copying the main story of In Love We Trust but I did expect them to improve on the 2007 film. What they managed to do, however, is highlight the inferior quality of the commercial films that we produce and waste whatever good talent we have in the industry.

Rating: 2/5

Jae's Review

It's hard to not compare this movie from "In Love We Trust" since they obviously 'borrowed' from the first movie's plot and story. It is a bit disheartening that a movie outfit as big as Star Cinema would allow their reputation to be tarnished by "Sotto-ing".

I think the showbiz industry and the people, in general (hope I'm wrong), mistakes an actor's ability to cry and shed tears at the drop of the hat as good acting. I've heard and read that this was Angel's ticket to a Best Actress award. Honestly, I've seen her act better in Unofficially Yours.

The best acting would go to the child - he played the endearing, lovable kid so well I wanted to hug him and tell him it would be ok - and I hate kids in general.

Disappointingly, this movie has inconsistent characters (saying they would do everything for the child but would let a fit of emotion cloud their judgement), an abrasive doctor who fits better in a fish market than in a hospital and a husband who says he loves his wife but would spite her just because she can't stomach the doctor's advice.

The director also forced a confrontation scene for Angelica and Angel with a dialogue that is so out of Angel's character just so there would be that scene where they can dish out 'campy' lines reminiscent of No Other Woman. No surprise there - this is directed by the same person who did No Other Woman. I wish he just left the campy lines to the other movie. It has no place in a supposedly adult movie with a very mature and sensitive storyline.

This movie is also too melodramatic for my taste - it seems like everyone in this movie has to cry to complete an unspoken quota. The audience laughing at Zanjoe's supposed drama moments was a testament to how the crying (and drama) was out of place and out of tune.

Would you watch this movie? Yes, if you lack drama in your life and need a dose of it without the complications of strained personal (real) relationships after. Also if you don't believe me and want to find out for yourself. ;)

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  1. Anonymous12/26/2012

    My thoughts, exactly. This is a very badly done copy. The acting in the Chinese movie is very natural, in the copy version,the acting is forced, too much and sometimes misplaced.

  2. Anonymous12/26/2012

    Everyone I know liked the movie...

  3. Anonymous12/26/2012

    Being a movie critic really removes the fun in watching a movie. ;) I liked the movie, although there were some flaws, but it the amount I spent was worth it. And one more thing, I would have to disagree that the acting of the lead actors were forced, they were brilliant actually. They delivered.

  4. I can't speak for Jae who wrote the second review but I thought Angel was okay. :) i can't say the same for Zanzoe and Dingdong though.

  5. The confrontation scene (restaurant with Angelica, Angel and Carmina) was the one I am referring to as forced, not their acting. :)

    The acting wasn't bad, it's just not best actress material in my book.

  6. Anonymous12/27/2012

    One More Try is Excellent. Superb acting. I've watched it yesterday. Nakakaiyak grabeh! Ganda ng acting ng lahat ng casts. A must see film!

  7. Anonymous12/27/2012

    This is a poor copy, made for Pinoys with too much melodrama and over-acting.

  8. Anonymous12/27/2012

    One more try is really a good movie...good story and the artists really played well. you can feel their emotions as is if everything was true especially Angel Locsin. I'm not a fan but she's great in this movie. :))

  9. Anonymous12/27/2012

    It is not fair to review this in comparison to the Chinese movie. No one said this is an adaptation though the plot is strikingly similar.

  10. Anonymous12/27/2012

    These reviews are bullshit. Obviously, they did not really see the Film. One mOre Try is the best entry this year. Angel Locsin was Brilliant.

  11. Anonymous12/27/2012

    I agree na hindi naman kailangan icompare sa chinese movie, ang OMT nagkapareho lang sa plot. Anu bayan dami dami ng mga pelikulang same plot sa mga international films.

  12. Anonymous12/28/2012

    This film is a copy. I've seen both but the Chinese version is superior which is why it won international awards. Pinoys need to learn how to come up with original ideas.

  13. Anonymous12/29/2012

    Sus ang mga kapamilyaks... depensa agad sa sottofied!

  14. here comes another Filipino trying to put down fellow filipinos..It's our freedom and opinion to write articles like this(but seriously you need to expose it and tell the world that chinese are better than us)As they say, If you have nothing good to say...shut up.The movie was great.Actors are also great.But again it's your opinion and we have to respect it and also it's my 'opinion'.I'm just disappointed readin this.

  15. If being Filipino for you means condoning blatant copying, then I would guess that you support the likes of Tito Sotto as well.

    Then again, the point of the review wasn't all about that. You are certainly entitled to thinking that the movie was great. :)

  16. Anonymous12/31/2012

    Sorry to burst all your bubbles. One more try's working title was In Love We Trust. LOL. it was there, in their publicity writeups last april. LOL

  17. Anonymous12/31/2012

    It is not right to accuse the movie that they copied their plot. It just happened that there's only few movies used it. For example, the two reviews above have similarities. You both compare it to the chinese movie. Can I say that one of the reviewer copied the idea of the other? I cant. Why? Because every person in the world have ideas but their ideas can be similar sometimes. So stop bringing down someone who did great.

  18. its the idea of their opinions... no one is questioning that, or forces someone to adhere to their opinions and bring it out as sacred truth. problem is - if you copied the central intellectual idea of someone, regenerate it with some tweaks to appear different from the original, and then brandish it as true and original.... get awards, rake money and top box office records... now if that is right, then i don't know what is wrong.

  19. I was forced by my wife to watch this movie a while ago. Learning that the movie from the same director of No Other Woman,i knew what im expecting..a bad ending..
    First the movie have lots of holes in it. I felt the story was modified and patched up alot of times to make the movie more pleasing to the audience. Remember the ending of No Other Woman where characters meet and greet at the end as if nothing had happened. In this movie its far more worst.... what makes it worse it won the best picture of 2013. Wtf!

  20. I am not moviegoer for local films but if you see me watching one, I make sure that it was produced by Star Cinema only because of 1 reason_ that is I dont want to waste my money for nothing.

  21. One more try might have same plot with other moviebut I dont want to consider it as cliche because the plot is still fresh for the Audience. ( just want to copy the comment above)

    It is not right to accuse the movie that they copied their plot. It just happened that there's only few movies used it. For example, the two reviews above have similarities. You both compare it to the chinese movie. Can I say that one of the reviewer copied the idea of the other? I cant. Why? Because every person in the world have ideas but their ideas can be similar sometimes. So stop bringing down someone who did great.

  22. Anonymous1/03/2013

    I don't think the reviewers are strongly accusing the movie of the copying. They can't ignore the similarities. To be honest, the main plot itself bores a very striking resemblance already. It's more of "if you're going to use the plot, do it right" kind of review. This is not a case of a Filipino putting down a fellow Filipino. They are reviewing it as to how they see fit. The review had a lot to say about the acting and script. They just mentioned to comparison to the movie in passing.

    Stop saying it's not fair if they are comparing it. It is a form of reviewing it. When Star Cinema decided to use the plot, this was bound to happen. Do you really think no one in that huge company has even heard or watched the movie? I don't think so.

    IMO, that movie is not all great. The acting was so-so. I had a lot of expectations and I was disappointed as well. The lines were too cheesy. And I agree on it being melodramatic.

  23. Anonymous1/05/2013

    To those of you claiming that One More Try didn't copy In Love We Trust... did you know that One More Try's original working title was "In Love We Trust"? Yeah, google it for yourself. Star Cinema should have taken the honest route by admitting that theirs was just an adaptation.

    There were other methods, namely finding matching donors and in vitro fertilization. Maybe it's just me, but bringing another human being in this world just so he/she can serve as an organ donor feels ethically reprehensible. Think of the movie "The Island".

  24. Anonymous1/06/2013

    Yes it is very melodramatic. There are a lot of scenes that are "uncalled for." The director is feeding the viewers with what is pleasant to the eye (all the sampalan and tarayan) and the screenplay made it as how the mainstream audience would want to it to sound like. Just like The Other Woman. It has no depth. Purely made for mainstream audience. The depth was just supplied by the plot which was alledgedly plagiarized from that Chinese film.

  25. One of the best Movie I watched this year. Galing!



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