Food Review: J.Co Donuts

Jae's Review:

I'm putting a disclaimer up front so you know what to expect with our food reviews. 

These are all personal preference dictated by our taste buds. When checking out food to try, I look for quality (of the place and the food), good customer service and value for money (which is subjective to what I can afford).

Now that we have that out of the way - onto J.Co Donuts. This donut shop from Indonesia recently opened to show us Pinoys why they have been very successful in the neighboring Asian countries.

I have always wanted to try them as (most) of my friends have been raving about how they like J.Co better than Krispy Kreme. It's really just plain curiosity on my part as I do NOT have a sweet tooth. My usual cake/donut/candy/chocolate intake is usually just once a month. What kept putting me off was the constant long lines at all of their branches. It reminded me how this happened for GoNuts Donuts and Krispy Kreme on their first few months.

Tip: Please have a healthy supply of patience when planning to buy their food as they have very slow and inefficient production line/customer service. I went to their Megamall branch at 10am, I was the 4th customer and yet it took me 20 minutes to buy a dozen. The attendant also served the customer after me. I waited for a minute to see if he would notice but he didn't even bother to check the line until I called his attention. Talk about first impressions.

Dale and I sampled each of these:

1. Don Mochino, 2. Berry Spears, 3. Blueberry More, 4. Choconuttzy, 5. Crunchy Crunchy, 6. Tiramisu, 7. Avocado DiCaprio, 8. Oreology, 9. Unknown, 10. Alcapone, 11. Green Tease, 12. Unknown

I would've loved 11 and 12 but the filling is so sweet and creamy that I got sick of it by the 3rd donut I tasted. Why do they have to fill almost every donut with that filling? Blech. 

#8 would be my pick as it is just right for me - not to sweet, not too soft and no filling in the middle. :)

J.Co's donuts are not as soft as Krispy Kreme's and not as sweet either, which is a good thing for me. The price (around P22/piece if you buy 2 dozen) is also cheaper than Krispy Kreme (averaging at P30/piece for the non-glazed ones) and Dunkin Donuts (P45/piece for their premium donuts). 

I predict this will be the pasalubong of choice once the lines have cleared out and they open more branches mainly due to the price, but also because it can go head to head with KK in terms of taste and variety.


Customer Service - 1/5, unapologetic/inattentive crew, inefficient customer line
Food (taste/quality) - 3/5, I personally don't like super sweet food
Price - 4/5, if you compare with Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts. At P22 per piece, this is the perfect pasalubong, office team snack or barkada pig out.

Dale's Review:

My review is short and not so sweet. I like the one that tastes like peanut butter but all in all I would choose Krispy Kreme over this any day. 

The main difference for me is the bread itself. It does not have KK's melt-in-your mouth quality and it ranks the way Mister Donut does against Dunkin Donuts back in the day.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better. Maybe I'd rate it lower because of the sweetness. But then again, I don't have a sweet tooth. As with the Jae, it lacks KK's melt-in-your-mouth touch and DD's magic. For me, JCo is just a fad and a tad too sweet. Until something new comes along. Filipinos (most of) are so into what's new. I just don't see what the fuss is all about.

    This is what i think.

  2. Anonymous6/27/2013

    Not extraordinary as I initially thought. Tasted like bread to me, a version of a smoother ensaymada bread or bun less the sugar with several toppings you can choose from.



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