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Dale's Review:

Jae wrote a pretty lengthy review so I am going to keep this short.

After watching 24/7 in Love at Robinson's Galleria yesterday, Jae and I were approached by a Star Cinema employee asking if we could participate in a market research survey about the film. It was the first time that I encountered such and I learned that this is randomly done for almost all Star Cinema movies. 

Jae obliged to an interview which took about 15 minutes. I was taking a mental note of the questions and made random side comments when I got bored. 

The questionnaire was very thorough and it covered everything from minute aspects of the movie that the audience liked/disliked, which actors were effective/ineffective, which love-teams worked, whom we thought were other possible onscreen partners for the actors featured and how effective the trailers and other marketing efforts made for the movie were.

I realized that when Star Cinema makes a claim that they know what the market wants, they actually have the research and proper studies to back-up such claims. I also realized that if there have been an influx of mabababaw stories, contrived endings and Wenn Deramas trash comedies (yes, this has a category of its own) out there, we have nobody else to blame but the Filipino audience that crave for these types of movies. 

24/7 in Love is one of those movies that has no reason for being apart from giving the audience an ensemble that they want to see on the big screen. It was neither entertaining nor had anything new to offer. Actors that were generally okay individually turned out bland and annoying in the snippets that were provided. 

The story of Zanzoe and Bea turned out decent but it is not reason enough to watch the entire film. The rest were just a collection of scenes that could have served better as individual episodes made for weekend television viewing.

Rating: 1.5/5

Jae's Review:

24/7 In Love is Star Cinema's take on "Love Actually" and "Valentine's Day" - both Hollywood movies featured a ton of celebrities with separate stories about love that are intertwined with each other. I guess this is the best way to bring a lot of big-named stars together into one film without them having to bicker worry about top-billing or being cast on a supporting instead of a main role.

The problem with these types of movies is that they have a huge tendency to be fragmented. There will be some of the 'mini' stories that are really good, some will be laughable or fillers but the overall story would probably be weak or so far fetched that it tends to go the way of the fairy tales.

And that's exactly what you should expect with this movie. It has everything - from good stories to contrived ones; great performances to 'constipated-look-to-pass-as-acting'; off the charts chemistry to dull, lackluster pair-ups.

The good stories - Bea/Zanjoe and Piolo/Zaijan were sob-inducing, to say the least. Bea Alonzo has already established herself as one of the best rom-com/drama actresses of our time but the surprising part is that Zanjoe was able to match her performance. I am also reminded how Piolo rose to stardom not just because of his hot, smoldering looks but also because of his intense acting skills. And just like Zanjoe matching Bea, Zaijan matched Piolo in every aspect. I look forward to that kid growing up and be our next Aga Muhlach.

The other stories are either forgettable (Pokwang/Sam; Daniel/Kathryn and JLC/Angelica) or unreal/contrived (Kim/Gerald and Diether/Maja)

Great acting by Bea, Zanjoe, Piolo, Zaijan, Gerald and Kim. We already know this from their previous films so I'm not going to expound. In a film where almost everyone are great with their role, Diether Ocampo unfortunately stands out as the worst actor, having only one expression plastered on his face from start to finish. The only thing I liked about him in this movie was him showing his bubble butt.

Chemistry - Kim and Gerald really does have that scorching chemistry when they work together. I was giddy and giggling like a highschooler during their scenes even if their story was highly improbable and nonsensical (cmon - lovers cooing at each other in the middle of a board meeting with everyone looking at them?). The Bea/Zanjoe tandem also had depth and they handled their onscreen roles like pros. Real life couple John Lloyd and Angelica, on the other hand, had zero onscreen chemistry and were barely watchable.

So - should you watch this movie? Yes would be my answer to the following criteria: you want to see Diether's butt or Gerald's underwear scene; you're a Kimerald fan; you're willing to ignore/forget the 5 'bleh' stories just to see the 2 good ones or you're wondering how a movie with a lot of big named stars would look like.

No need to watch this if you're looking for realism or an overarching solid story.

Rating: 1.5/5

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