PDI reports: Monique Wilson admits she’s lesbian

It is always inspiring to see an accomplished person take a stand so that discrimination and violence against those that are not perceived as "normal" can be eliminated. In a country where bigotry is promoted by the very churches and personalities that are looked up to in society and even the media, people have started to accept that discrimination is a norm. 

On local TV, Abs-Cbn's Anthony Taberna has gotten away with blaming being gay for a tragic incident involving two minors in Pampanga without as much as being required to apologize or given a sanction. Beauty queen Miriam Quiambao tweeted that homosexuality is a "lie from the devil," while known philanderer and gambler Manny Pacquiao has publicly expressed strong disapproval over Obama's support for gay marriage. 

“The reason I decided to come out is linked to (the project) ‘One Billion Rising.’ Every time I come home, I see that young gay people here are so marginalized, are so discriminated against and that there’s so much violence going on toward them,” Wilson said.

One Billion Rising is a global movement aimed to have a billion women walk out, dance, rise up and demand an end to violence against women on Valentine's Day, 2013. (Source)

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