On second chances and secret affairs

There is a saying that goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Anne Curtis says no to this though when asked what she would do if put in the same situation as her character in A Secret Affair, as she wouldn't even give the guy another chance anymore.

Anne plays Rafi. She just got engaged to Anton. But uncertainty struck when the reality of her engagement sunk in. While she was trying to figure things out, Anton (Derek Ramsay) takes solace in her friend Sam (Andi Eigenmann) who in turn falls in love with Anton. Thus begins the web that entangles in A Secret Affair.

Personally, I do take Anne's side on the matter. I believe that second chances are overrated and people that have hurt us will continually do so, as long as we let them. The myth that people change is just that - a myth. Eventually, people go back to their old ways and those that hoped for things to get better are often left more hurt than the first time. Of course there are rare situations where I can be proven wrong. But at a time when relationships are fleeting, we could almost count these occurrences on the fingers of our hands.

People have said that movies like No Other Woman, The Mistress and A Secret Affair glamorize infidelity. I think, anyone who has actually seen these movies will know that they are more of cautionary tales. And people that have gone through the same ordeal, should be able to relate how none of these things end well and how, in the end, someone always gets hurt.

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