A Secret Affair - More than just a follow-up to No Other Woman

The trailer of A Secret Affair would have the regular audience believe that this is just another story of infidelity fashioned after No Other Woman. So when I got the synopsis of the film emailed last night, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this is actually a more layered story than I had previously thought.

Derek Ramsay plays Anton, a successful businessman who is caught between true love and a deep-seated secret affair.  Andi Eigenmann plays the role of Sam, the third party and anchor of the heated love triangle.  She unknowingly falls madly in love with Anton after previous consensual encounters during his time of heartache caused by his fiancee’s departure before their wedding.  Rafi, portrayed by FAMAS Best Actress Anne Curtis for ” No Other Woman”, is the fiancée who, after realizing her mistake, got back with Anton during the time he is neck-deep in a relationship with Sam.  This, with all the twists and turns, creates what should be kept as “A Secret Affair”.  

A Secret Affair is directed by teleserye veteran Nuel Crisostomo Naval. Story and screenplay is by award-winning writer Mel Mendoza-del Rosario. The film also boasts of a formidable supporting cast led by acclaimed veterans Jaclyn Jose, Joel Torre, and Jackie Lou Blanco. It also features Say Alonzo, IC Mendoza, Shy Carlos, Petra Mahalimuyak, and Ge-Ann Abraham.

A Secret Affair is set to be released nationwide on October 24, 2012.

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  1. Anonymous10/11/2012

    So is this all this country can produce? Is this the Philippine cinema......cheesy affairs, mistresses, betrayals, cheating, etc?

  2. If you think that Philippine Cinema only produces films about mistresses and extra-marital affairs, then you obviously haven't seen a lot of Filipino films. ;)

    Films have been recycling the same stories for ages. The trick there is in the filmmaking and how they are able to inject a new element to same subject. Besides, the best to way objectively judge if a movie is any good or not is by watching it first.

  3. I definitely agree with you Dale Bacar..:)

  4. hahaha grabe naman kayo makapag comment, buti nga mga pelikulang ganito. Kayo kaya mag produce tingnan natin, yabang nyo hehehe puro kayo satsat lol

  5. Anonymous11/12/2012

    Sino kaaway mo Closedoor21m? LOL! I actually like this Movie than the Other Woman... You can learn from it.



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