Binay and the "maiitim at maliliit na mga maligno"

This is probably the funniest story of the day. Vice President Jejomar Binay reacted to a comment made by Korina Sanchez in her radio show referring to mga maiitim at maliliit na mga maligno (dark, little ghouls) that wanted the DILG seat. Binay, who was known to be after the said post, felt that the wife of her former opponent to the vice-presidential seat was maliciously referring to him.

I can't even begin to react to this nitpicking. While it may be true that Korina may have let off an indirect tirade there, I am not sure what Binay hopes to accomplish by taking claim to the phrase, maiitim at maliliit na mga maligno.

In our telenovela addicted society though, I am sure that this "bullied" image will score sympathy at least from people that loved shows like Nita Negrita and Luna Blanca. In the end, one tweet says it all when it said: "Burden of proof ba kay Korina na patunayang hindi maligno si binay o kailangang patunayan muna ni binay na maligno sya?"

But in case Binay wants to use this on his bid for the presidency, he could probably trademark the phrase and use it as a tagline for the next election.

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