Tito Sotto delivers plagiarized Robert F. Kennedy speech

Philippine Senator and Majority Leader Tito Sotto, who made international news for blatant plagiarism, is at it again. This time, the genius graduate of Wanbol University, delivered a speech that was translated off a 1966 speech of Robert F. Kennedy, a noted civil rights activist and younger brother to assassinated president John F. Kennedy. Here's a link to Kennedy's actual speech.

Intent on digging his own political grave, Tito Sotto passed off the speech as his own, oblivious to its origin. I am almost certain that a speechwriter did this, but as Sotto's camp shamelessly announced that plagiarism is okay in his office, I don't think that a reprimand is to be expected. 

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  1. Anonymous9/05/2012

    The Philippines is country full of plagerizers and copycats. Every tv show and game show is copied from other countries and "artists" sing songs by real artists instead of writing their own songs. Why should this be a surprise.

  2. We must focus on the contents of Senator Sotto's speech rather than attacking his credibility through his speeches. Plagiarism is again used by the detractors to mislead the people. Wala na ba kayong ibang pwedeng gamitin laban sa senador? DIG further into his arguments so that you will understand his intentions.

  3. 1. Given Sotto's reputation, it isn't surprising. Still, the citizenry can expect their 'leaders' to have integrity and therefore express disappointment at acts such as this.
    2. The reason these things are pointed out is because these are the things that spell out his credibility. But forgetting for a moment that he is a plagiarist, the supposed facts that he presented to support his case against the RH Bill are mostly unsubstantiated, made-up or misinpretation of previous studies.

  4. Anonymous9/06/2012

    Where is his crediblility if he is lying and theiving? Please make some sense. He is a senator, does that even mean anything anymore in this country? How can you possibly defend his arrogance and his lack of responsiblity?

  5. Anonymous9/06/2012

    The man is thick in the head. He is arrogant, stubborn and makes no sense whatsoever.

  6. Anonymous9/06/2012

    a persons credibility is not done on parts but as a whole. people are not bashing him on his stance on the RH Bill but on the means he's doing it.

  7. Anonymous9/06/2012

    i believe that it is one of the tactics of the pro rh to mislead the message into something ridiculous.. But no matter what, it's still his thought that really counts. No matter how the senator expressed his horizons, it doesn't matter, it's still us hu will shape our country towards PRO OR ANTI RH BILL.Instead of ur critics why not focus on more essential ways for the development of urselves, ur lives and ur country?

  8. Mia Esteve9/06/2012

    We must be challenged by the fact that our country is full of people who cannot distinguish the important issue from the meaningless ones.Sen. Tito Sotto is doing a remarkable job to push for the anti-RH bill which will empower us to move forward from an already corrupt nation.Fellow Pinoys,distractions and side issues will eat the best of you.

  9. Anonymous9/06/2012

    This is the real source: http://asmartrock.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/tito-sotto-did-not-plagiarized-kennedy/

  10. Let's focus on relevent issues (ex: RH Bill). Let us show the young generation how critical we can react to proposals/programs the government is planning on. Being shallow in our comments is a sign of immaturity and being irresponsible as well. If we focus on putting down a man, it shows one's character. This is not the value we intend to teach our young. Let's flood the net with meaningful insights rather than point fingers at people (a very unproductive way to be a netizen)
    Let us always give people a chance to express their stand on issues because they are called for it. After all, it is their (senators) job to present to people the different sides of evry bill/law being passed.

  11. Anonymous9/06/2012

    Kung mangongopya ka kunin mo na lang yung contexto ng sinabi. Or sabihin mo na galing ito sa isang tau, marunong naman umunawa ang mga pilipino. Kung gusto mo makagawa ng sarileng iyo, saliksikin mo ang iyong puso at kung ano kabutihang sumasagana dyan ay iyan ang isulat mo. Hwag sana tayong paimbabaw na mabuti ang lumalabas sa ating bibig pero kabaligtaran ang ating mga gawa. Maraming pilipino sa ngaun ang gumagawa ng kabutihan kaso hindi sila napag tutu-unan ng pansin.

  12. @Maria etc. You should be able to find a substantial number of articles that I have written on RH since 2008 on this link: http://bum-spot.blogspot.com/search/label/politics%2Freligion

    As for putting a man down, I think you may missed the point here. I remember being told in school not to plagiarize and always give credit to my source. Now here comes a Senator, who not only copies other people's works, he even refuses to give credit unless found out and boldly say that plagiarism is okay since it is a practice in the Senate.

    Well, fact is, it is never okay. Netizens are pointing out this fact for good reason and this will be done for whether it is said by Pia Cayetano herself or any other Pro-RH Senator. This is teaching the younger generation a lesson. A lesson on ethics and credibility.

  13. Anonymous9/07/2012

    Wait!.....What about the American Kid who appear to their show? Gabby Abshire? Did he copy his style too????....The kid left your show because of your maltreatment to that kid.


  14. It is better to make as a big the issue about the Rh bill rather than the plagiarism issue,let sotto explain about him as a being a plagiarist.RH bill is been a long time issue that not yet end.

  15. It is better to make a more big deal about the rh bill rather than the issue of sotto.

  16. Anonymous9/08/2012

    Paturo siya kay Gabby Abshire para mas maintindihan niya maige yung mga pinag sasabi niya. Anyway Gabby Abshire is an American boy.Marunong siya mag tagalog..hehehhehehe

  17. Anonymous9/08/2012

    Hindi naman talaga dapat maipasa ang RH Bill. This will just make our situation worse.

  18. Tito Sotto news is more about RH Bill,which he is the one who wants to raised and prevent this law. And for being accused of plagiarism that he made.



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