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Let me start with the obvious. Amorosa is a horror movie with some of the most beautiful faces in the industry today and that fact alone could draw a crowd into the cinemas. Of course when I say crowd, I mean like me, Jae and two other friends who watched this film in Galleria last night just to see Enrique Gil and Martin del Rosario on the big screen. While that part delivered more than we ever expected, thankfully, it wasn't the only thing good about the movie.

Amorosa tells the story of the difficult choices one must face in life and how these choices could haunt us until we come to terms with them. This concept is actually surprisingly good. The movie was able to put the characters in situations where making a choice could mean choosing between loved ones, saving and letting go or even losing your own life.

The acting wasn't bad either. Angel Aquino delivers a decent enough performance though she has definitely done better. Martin del Rosario and Enrique Gil, on the other hand, prove that they are not just pretty faces but actual actors that can convey complex emotions. Also worth mentioning is Ejay Falcon who may have found the perfect character niche for himself though it veers away from the leading man image where he was previously typecast. Finally, veteran actor Nanding Josef delivers a chilling possession scene that is not easy to shake off.

But while Amorosa has more than enough to create a fairly decent feature, cheap tricks, all previously available on director Topel Lee's previous works are present as well.The writer that created the screenplay also seems to have a propensity for illogical and stupid decisions and was intent on putting them all here. This makes you wonder if the writer that came up with the story is the same as the one that penned the screenplay as there seems to be two very distinct personalities there.

While sometimes laughable and silly, Amorosa succeeds in giving us characters that we can root for. I think that is at least a triumph, that beyond the silly decisions made and laughable moments, we didn't end up wanting to go into the screen and kill everyone just to make the movie end as I felt in Segunda Mano. (See more photos of the cast here)

Rating: 2/5

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  1. Anonymous9/04/2012

    I was so bored, I wanted to ask for my money back.

  2. You should have tried asking for your money back. That'd be interesting. ;)



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